Wand or curling iron yahoo dating

11 Curling Irons for Every Hair Need

wand or curling iron yahoo dating

Grab a inch curling iron, like the Hot Tools Big Bumper Curling Iron. (You can also use a wand, like John Frieda's Wavy Curls Iron, which. I prefer the curling iron, it's easier to use and the curls last longer, if you are looking for a good one I recommend you the Karmin Salon Pro. Who knew rethinking the standard round barrel of your curling iron could make all the difference? Iron swaps out the traditional shape for an ultra-thin, flat wand, Check out Yahoo Canada's podcast, Make It Reign — our hot takes ' The Bachelor' Vs. 'Love Island:' Which Reality Dating Competition Is.

And even then, I'll probably come back to haunt you for it.

wand or curling iron yahoo dating

If you want to take my Conair away from me, you'll have to kill me first. I went from college straight into the workforce, which is a time when many women decide to inject some maturity into their style routines. Some girls buy an investment purse or leather jacket; as a beauty writer, I decided to ramp up my makeup game. Then, much like Andy did with Woody before he left for college, I bid an emotional farewell to my Conair and commanded it to the depths of my storage unit. I'd received a few big-girl curling wands each with big-girl price tags and would from here on out exclusively use those.

But my hair had other plans. The new wands, while elegant, would always leave my hair falling flat by midday.

wand or curling iron yahoo dating

My hair is pretty healthy and naturally is often too silky to hold a curl rough life, I know. The high heat of those tools would manhandle my strands into looking excessively styled and left me looking sort of like how I picture an eighth-grade girl at the mall does her hair. I ran across town to get to my storage unit before the facility closed, sort of like at the end of The Graduate when Dustin Hoffman's hustling to the church to break up the wedding in time.

I was reunited with my iron, and as with any good love story, the time apart only made our bond stronger. The waves looked soft, not forced, and although the lived-in style looked so delicate and pretty, it lasted all day long. In fact, I just had an out-of-town friend stay over, and she uses a prestige wand. Girlfriend always needs to touch up after work, but I can go from the office to happy hour and all the way to 4 a.

How To Style L.A.'s Most Popular Haircut 3 Ways In 3 Days

Heat styling When heat styling human-hair wigs, the tools and products you use are of utmost importance. The last thing you want to do is ruin the hair, especially considering how much of an investment wigs can be. In general, you should use professional thermal styling tools flatirons and curling wandspreferably with temperature-control dials so you can determine how much heat is being applied to the hair.

Additionally, use heat on human hair only when it's dry, and always use a heat protectant before. Heatless styling One of the reasons wigs are so fun to wear is the boundless styling possibilities. Two jumbo plaits taken down is a universally flattering hairstyle that's easy to do.

Before braiding your hair, spritz it with water or a lightweight leave-in conditioner, then detangle with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to remove knots and make it lay flat. This simple process usually takes less than five minutes. If you unravel the braids after they dry usually in an hour or twoyou'll get big, gorgeous beach waves. If you want to change up a curly unit without straightening it, you can always "alter the curl pattern by setting the hair on different size flexi rods or perm rods," hairstylist Ro Morgan says.

And always remember to keep those curls hydrated.

This Flat-Barrel Curling Iron Creates Perfect Bedhead Waves

Ro loves using Bumble and Bumble's curl collection, Bb. Curlespecially the Bb. How to alter a curl pattern Generally, it's advisable not to completely straighten a curly wig with type 3 or 4 curls and coilseven if it's made of human hair, or you can risk permanent texture damage.

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But there are harmless ways to slightly alter your unit: If you want more volume, grab a wide-tooth comb and gently comb the hair, section by section, from the bottom up, to open each curl until the entire unit gets as big as you desire. Another way to achieve bigger hair is with two-strand twists.

Prep the hair by spritzing liquid leave-in all over, and then section it into 6 to 10 different parts, depending on how much hair you're working with. Next, twist each section from root to tip while holding it taut. You can set the twists by either blow-drying the entire unit or air-drying it overnight if you opt for the latter, make sure to wear a bonnet or silk scarf to protect hair and keep the twist in place.

If you have a unit with looser curls, like Brazilian wavyyou can easily straighten your wig with a flatiron so long as it's human hair and not synthetic. Just remember to use a heat protectant before applying heat, and flatiron in sections. How to alter straight hair It's much easier and less damaging to create curls with straight hair than it is to make a curly wig bone-straight.

The simplest way to curl straight hair is with a curling iron or curling wand.

This $10 Curling Iron Is So Good, I Threw Out My $200 Wand

If you want tighter curls, try a small-barrel iron, and for bigger curls, a large-barrel iron is your best friend. After you section your hair into a few parts, start at the back by wrapping the hair around the barrel while holding the wand face down.

As you near the top and sides, change up the direction of the wand, depending on where you want the curl to fall, and be careful not to get too close to your face. Once you've gone over the entire unit, back-comb the roots for extra volume.

wand or curling iron yahoo dating

Spritz on holding spray and you're done. Perfecting the hairline and edges If your hairline isn't as thick as you'd like, hairstylist Tym Wallace recommends placing your wigs "a half-inch behind [your] hairline" for a more natural look.