Spinta di archimede yahoo dating

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spinta di archimede yahoo dating

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Raimundo Rodulfo who stunned the crowd into complete awe with talent that could only come from the heavens treated with nurturing care by it's holder.

spinta di archimede yahoo dating

Rodulfo's work requires listening, not description and I wholeheartedly insist that you peruse his website for an excursion through greatness. Have you ever been to a concert and become so overwhelmed with emotion that you couldn't move? I urge everyone to have a go through this amazing gentleman's website and listen - truly listen to the music, because it's much more than played notes, chords and tones.

spinta di archimede yahoo dating

I was privileged to see Mr. Rodulfo in concert last night and was awed by an overwhelming sense of a joyous artist at work, bringing his soul to the forefront on stage.

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Incredible and Fascinating work. A clear influence from Steve Howe in some moments The band that plays with him is really good!

Progressive Rock of classical symphony orchestra tendency in a great spectrum of performing. Frankly they have kept me truly amazed for the great quality of his work.

And there is a South American folk touch that is never out of order. The two downloadable concert releases from his web site are optimal His work is recent, but he has already developed a style that allows to put him among the great representatives of Progressive Rock in Venezuela. The recording is well done. I liked that the guitar was much different than anything else I've ever heard.

Raimundo really has a beautiful tone" "I love the classical feel. Guitar solo is descent. Reminds me of the band Kansas. The Drummer is capable and the meter is solid. Overall you can tell these guys are excellent musicians. I truly think the guitar is so beautiful" "You really have incredible soul and style You have wonderful emotion and groove that is so impressive in my point of view.

You have a wonderful creativity and style Raimundo has a good sounding voice. Your music is very bright and focused structure wise. He made a conceptual work as good as any other work from around the world.

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