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I am most certain I read about his misfortunate death last year. Harry turned to watch the reaction of Rodolphus. He noticed straight away the look in his eyes. He was smiling at Bella but his eyes had a strange look in them. An almost longing look, there was no other word to describe it. Without breaking eye contact he answered.

You are quite correct. He died last year. It was clear from her tone that she wasn't sorry of his death as she didn't know him.

Harry knew that that was just Bella; it was her way of thinking. However, this didn't seem to affect Rodolphus. He shrugged away her pitiful condolence and started talking to her. The two seemed so deeply engrossed with each other that they ignored their surrounding company.

Harry cringed as he heard the flirty underlying tone. Rodolphus laughed and Bella seemed to stop in her tracks.

The sight of the handsome man laughing had visibly taken her off guard. In fact I never even lived with them I've been living abroad my whole life. I only came back last year, after my brother's death. This time Bella looked genuinely sorry. She looked away and shot a spiteful look at her father who was standing with a crowd of people, happily discussing politics.

She looked over at Narcissa who was too busy chatting with her blond haired boyfriend, to notice her sister's expression. Bella nodded her head and looked away. The memory started to fade and was soon replaced with another one. Harry watched as the two sisters sat in the sun, sipping on their cold drinks. Bella's dark hair was really long, longer that he remembered and she kept flicking it behind her shoulders.

Harry spotted a young man, Rodolphus, came out of a bookstore. He looked over and saw the two female Blacks and waved at Bella who waved back, a smile spreading quickly on her pretty face. Rodolphus started walking towards them. Bella rolled her eyes at her older sister and focused on her drink. Narcissa looked over at the still approaching Rodolphus and quickly whispered to her sister.

I can't date him! I have other commitments. Harry could clearly see the look of approval on Narcissa's face as she beamed at the dark haired man. Bella seemed uneasy at first but soon melted at Rodolphus' presence. The memory slowly faded away to be replaced by another one.

This time it was just two people in front of Harry. It looked like a good time had passed as Bella looked slightly older than that last memory. Harry could tell right away that regardless of what she had told her sister, Bella and Rodolphus had evidently come a lot closer and a relationship had formed. Harry watched as Bella spoke quietly and somewhat seriously to Rodolphus. Rodolphus smiled again and took her hands into his. At the sound of his laugh Bella looked up at him.

She studied him closely and finally gave a reluctant smile. There is nothing about you that I don't love. Harry quickly looked away. This was making him blush; it was like watching his parents being romantic with one another, very awkward and very wrong.

Bella looked at Rodolphus. Keeping her eyes locked with him she pulled up the left sleeve to her robes to reveal the dark tattoo of the Dark Mark.

Rodolphus looked at it before gently running his finger across the mark. He looked back up at Bella, his expression unreadable. This is the true me. I belong to Him, to the Dark Lord. If you really want to marry me then you will have to accept this into your life.

Rodolphus looked at Bella, his blue eyes boring into hers. He was still holding her left hand. He suddenly pulled her arm, exposing the mark again and he lowered his head, kissing the mark and touching his forehead to it, a sign of respect. Bella seemed caught off guard but her face exploded into a deeply relieved smile.

Rodolphus straightened up and smiled at her again. Bella threw her arms around him before laughing, her relief and previous nervousness showing in her laugh. She kissed him deeply just as the memory faded.

Harry was wondering why he was watching Bella and Rodolphus' private moments but was unable to do anything about it. He watched as another memory materialised before him.

This time the surroundings took his breath away. He was standing in Voldemort's chamber. The torches hung low on the walls, throwing the room into flickering shadows.

The chamber was filled with masked men in dark robes and white masks. Harry watched with a thumping heart as a sole figure walked to stand before the mass of masked men. Voldemort stood silently as he scanned the room through crimson eyes.

He raised a hand, gesturing a silent command. Harry watched in awe as a figure clad in ritualistic robes came out from the crowd and walked steadily to Voldemort. He kneeled down and kissed the hem of Voldemort's robes. His face was hidden as his hood was pulled over his head.

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He sat on his knees and waited patiently for his master. Voldemort looked down at the man sitting obediently at his feet. He knew what was happening even though he had never been present at one of these meetings. It was the marking ritual. This was when a new Death Eater was initiated and given the Dark Mark. Two Death Eaters appeared at Voldemort's side.

One of them removed the white mask and revealed herself. The only female Death Eater. She watched, visibly worried as Voldemort spoke with the man sitting on the ground before him. Whatever Voldemort said wasn't heard, even though the chamber was deathly silent. The figure spoke with its head lowered.

His eyes rested on her and she too looked at her master with a worried and fretful look. The hooded man rose to stand on his feet. Voldemort extended his hand while the other hand revealed his wand. The hooded man finally lowered his hood so his face was visible to Voldemort. Harry already knew who it was. Rodolphus' handsome face appeared behind the hood and although he looked nervous, that did nothing to the playful glint in his eyes.

Voldemort seemed to disagree with the expression in his eyes but didn't say anything.

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Rodolphus offered his left arm to Voldemort and stood rigid, waiting for the branding. Voldemort seemed to be studying the man before him. His wand shook ever so slightly but Harry saw it. He knew what that meant. It meant that Voldemort was unsure of something. That itself was unnerving since it was very rare for Voldemort to be unsure of his actions. He took Rodolphus' arm and pressed the tip of his wand to the forearm.

Rodolphus didn't flinch as the spell was spoken and the Dark Mark started spreading across his forearm. The skin burned and itched as the tattoo was burned indefinitely on his skin. Rodolphus turned his head so he could see Bella. His eyes were fixed on her and a small smile graced his face.

Through the excruciating pain of having the Dark Mark burned intro his forearm, Rodolphus kept his eyes fixed on Bella, almost like it didn't hurt as much if he was looking at her. The smile never left his face as the tattoo was completed. Just as Voldemort let Rodolphus' arm drop away from him, the room began to fade away and Harry found himself being thrust into another memory.

He saw Rodolphus and Bella in the potions lab in Riddle Manor. Both were standing before cauldrons brewing a colourless potion. Harry recognised it straight away as the truth potion, Vertiserum. With a jolt Harry saw his own eight year old self sitting near the front of the lab, deep in lesson with Lucius Malfoy. Harry remembered that day himself. He was in the middle of his potions lesson when Bella and Rodolphus had came in, insisting that they needed to make up an emergency batch of the truth potion on Voldemort's orders.

Lucius had made a fuss but allowed them access as the orders had come straight from the Dark Lord himself. Harry remembered how Rodolphus had walked in behind Bella, his usual charming smile on his face. He annoyed Lucius by walking straight inside without apologising for disrupting his potions lesson. He had ruffled Harry's messy hair as he walked by, annoying Lucius even more. The eight year old Harry had just mock glared at him before turning around and secretly grinning at him.

Lucius and Rodolphus were forever in competition with each other. Harry didn't want to make it any worse for them. As the eighteen year old Harry watched the memory, he saw Bella and Rodolphus quietly whispering to each other. He asked the question casually but there was something about his voice that alerted Harry. Perhaps it was nervousness? He probably just wants the stores to be kept up to date. Bella cocked up an eyebrow at him and said in a mocking tone.

Are you afraid he might slip you some? The memory faded away and Harry found himself starting to worry. Why was Bella showing him these memories? Did Rodolphus have a secret? What did that have to do with Harry? Why was he shown these memories? Harry knew that, he remembered the day he had seen Rodolphus' dead body and Bella's broken form sitting next to it.

He remembered how angry is father, Voldemort, had been when he saw the dead body of one of his most talented Death Eater, being brought in by the others. It had taken Harry a few days to get over the pain in his scar and the pain in his heart at losing Rodolphus. He and Draco were very fond of Bella's husband and they knew that Rodolphus was very fond of them also.

Harry forced himself out of these thoughts when he felt another memory materialise before him. This time, Harry felt his breath leave him completely. He was standing in the midst of a raid. A raid that involved the Death Eaters and blue robed Aurors. There were flashes of light everywhere as the spells zoomed in every direction. Harry watched the familiar scene with a thumping heart.


He had seen this; he had seen this very memory again and again in his dreams for the past year. Harry watched the memory even though he knew what he was going to see.

He saw Bella appear, laughing and thoroughly enjoying the raid. Harry watched as she removed her mask and started duelling. Suddenly Harry realised that he was going to be able to see this memory in full. Since he was watching Bella's memory, there should be no distortion. He was finally going to see what happened to her to make her gasp out in pain. Sure enough, after a few minutes of duelling a stray curse caught Bella in her side. Bella's gasp of pain rang in Harry's ears.

Bella's robes were stained as blood leaked from a horrendous cut, just under her ribs. Bella tried, but she was unable to stop the next curse from hitting her. Bella was too busy duelling the two Aurors before her and couldn't stop the third Auror from hitting her with a body bind curse. Bella hit the ground with a cry. She struggled against the curse but her stiff limbs were under the spell and she couldn't break out of it. Only her eyes were free from the effects of the curse and she frantically looked around herself.

Harry watched as three Aurors made their way over to her, intending to do more harm or arrest her. Bella's wide panicked eyes scanned the area frantically and finally rested on someone.

Harry followed her gaze and saw Rodolphus. He had just cast the killing curse on an Auror and had turned around to see Bella on the ground, bleeding and in pain. At that same moment a shout of 'Retreat! The Death Eaters were being instructed to leave. Harry knew the panicked thoughts running through Rodolphus' mind at that moment.

He couldn't leave Bella. Loud pops were heard as Death Eaters starting apparating away. The three Aurors heading towards Bella were either going to kill her or attempt to arrest her. Judging by the littered bodies of the Death Eaters, it didn't look like these Aurors were interested in making arrests.

Rodolphus attempted to blast the three Aurors away from Bella's fallen form but only two men flew away from Bella. The other Auror pointed at Bella and the words of the killing curse was already leaving his lips. It all happened in the blink of any eye but for Harry it seemed as if everything had slowed down.

He saw the look of sheer panic and fear in Bella's eyes as she locked eyes with her husband. Rodolphus reached over and pulled the chain around his neck. The chain snapped and Rodolphus threw it with all his might towards Bella. The look on his face as he threw the chain was clear to read. He knew he was never going to see her again. Harry could see the raw pain in his eyes as he watched the chain land on Bella. Just as the chain hit Bella's still immobile form, the portkey was activated and Bella was pulled with the portkey, back to Riddle Manor, back to safety.

The memory abruptly ended as Bella was portkeyed away but Harry caught the final glimpse of the Auror's green light hitting the spot Bella had been at only a mere second ago. The last thing Harry saw was Rodolphus being hit by two Aurors. Harry was breathing hard. Watching that last memory had been torture. He assumed that the Aurors must have killed Rodolphus after he portkeyed Bella to safety. Harry hadn't known that Rodolphus had done that. He had sacrificed himself for her.

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He felt an odd emotion bubble inside him. He never knew Bella and Rodolphus had been that much in love. He remembered Narcissa once saying that Bella was never quite the same after Rodolphus' death. He understood that now. Just as Harry thought the memories were finished, he found himself standing inside Riddle Manor. As soon as Harry saw the two figures in the otherwise empty chamber, he felt his insides turn to ice.

Voldemort was standing with Bella. Harry had never seen anyone look as broken as Bella did right now. She had her head lowered but he could see that her face was pale, her eyes red rimmed but it was the look of complete horror on her face that took Harry's breath away.

Voldemort was watching her, his red eyes looking at her without a hint of mercy in them. Harry didn't understand what was going on. He looked from Voldemort back to Bella and this time he spotted a thin file in Bella's hand. It was clutched tightly in her hands but she wasn't looking at it.

She seemed to be in shock. Voldemort reacted to her words by snarling at her. The truth is before your eyes! Presented him before me without investigating his background! Look where that led you! His scar hadn't hurt ever since Voldemort' death, last year.

He knew that when this must have happened, he must have suffered severely. Voldemort was beyond angry, he was livid. Bella still hadn't looked up but shook her head a fraction. That made Voldemort lose whatever patience he had.

He marched up to Bella and grabbed her harshly by the arms, forcing the shocked woman to fearfully look at him. He lied to you! He lied to me! Are you taking any of this in?! The filthy half blood lied to you! He lied about everything! He's not a Lestrange! He's a half blood, the bastard child of some filthy mudblood! He had never seen Voldemort like this and it wasn't easy watching Bella cower and cry before him.

He didn't know if her tears were because of fear or because of something else. I…I…" Bella couldn't talk. She was shaking and crying as Voldemort continued to hiss at her. I only allowed him in my presence because of you! What became of your trust in him? He used you, lied to you.

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He's not Rodolphus Lestrange. There never was a Rodolphus Lestrange! That man you married and brought into my service is a half blood by the name of Cole Bailey! His words hit Harry like physical blows. Rodolphus Lestrange was Cole Bailey?!

He had lied about being a pureblood and had pretended to be someone else. Suddenly Harry remembered the very first memory Bella showed him. The look of longing in Rodolphus' eyes when he looked at Bella made sense now. He must have been in love with Bella. As everyone knew of the Black family's obsession with purebloods, he pretended to be the last descendant of a dead family to get close to Bella.

Rodolphus wasn't Rodolphus at all. He was Cole Bailey, a half blood wizard who pretended to be a pureblood. Harry suddenly realised the enormity of the revelation. If Rodolphus was in fact Cole Bailey then that meant that the person who was impersonating the Dark Prince, the person responsible for trying to frame him for attacks and killings, the person responsible for Draco's condition was Rodolphus!

Harry's head was spinning. The phone call made to threaten Harry with Damien's life, that was Rodolphus. The fight Harry had had on the rooftops of Hogwarts, that had been with Rodolphus. Every time Harry saw the masked figure's picture in the newspaper, that had been Rodolphus staring back at him. Harry felt like he could easily throw up.

Rodolphus was the one behind everything. But Harry still didn't understand how that was possible. He had seen Rodolphus' dead body being brought back by the Death Eaters. He wasn't present at the funeral as he was still in hiding. Voldemort had only revealed Harry when he was fourteen years old and at the time of Rodolphus' supposed death, Harry was only ten.

Harry's attention snapped back to the scene happening before him. Bella was still crying, her strong persona had been shattered and she stood with anguished tears running down her cheeks. Voldemort was looking like he couldn't contain the desire to kill someone, to kill Cole Bailey. If he thinks he can get away with cheating me, the Dark Lord, then he is gravely mistaken! Just because he is in Azkaban, doesn't mean I can't get to him!

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She looked at the thin file clutched in her hands and Harry took the opportunity to see what it was as well. It was the arrest file on Cole Bailey.

It stated clearly that the wizard, identified as Cole Bailey had been arrested during the raid and was sentenced to a life time in Azkaban. It had other details as well but Harry wasn't bothered to read it at the moment. We're leaving for the half blood tonight! Suddenly Bella was standing before him, her tear filled eyes fixed on Voldemort.

Bella dropped to her knees but kept eye contact with him. He was looking at Bella with a mixture of repulsion and anger. You wish for the person who lied to you, who lied to your Master! You ask for him to be spared!? She sat on her knees, head bowed and didn't speak. Voldemort turned away from her, his back turned on the broken woman on the ground.

After what seemed like hours, Voldemort spoke in a much calmer but just as furious voice. I will not kill that half blood! He will rot there! Voldemort looked carefully at her before he spoke again. I will make arrangement and we will bury him before all the others.

Rodolphus Lestrange will be dead to all who knew him. The body he had seen and the body that was buried under the gravestone of 'Rodolphus Lestrange' was a fake. It was something Voldemort had created so that no one questioned the whereabouts of the most talented Death Eater. Voldemort didn't want his Death Eaters knowing that a half blood Metamorphmagus had fooled him into believing he was a pureblood. If this fact came out, Voldemort would be ridiculed and that was not acceptable to the Dark Lord.

Judging from the file sitting on the ground, all documented proof of Cole Bailey was gone from the Ministry. That was why Remus and Sirius couldn't find anything. Voldemort's Ministry spies had made sure nothing remained on the wizard Cole Bailey. The Death Eaters captured rarely ever got a trial, so no one knew that Cole Bailey had fooled everyone into thinking he was the pureblood descendant of the Lestrange family.

The fact of the matter was that had the Ministry not questioned Rodolphus using Vertiserum, no one would have known of his true identity. Harry watched as Bella stood with her head lowered, tears still cascading down her face. Her arms were by her sides, fists clenched hard. Her breath was coming out raggedly to stop herself from crying. Lord Voldemort studied Bella carefully before speaking. If he were here, I would have killed him myself.

Harry felt his stomach turn as he heard the familiar words. He had seen this memory, this part of the memory before. He had dreamt of it but at the time he had been convinced that Voldemort was talking about him. He was certain that Voldemort was referring to Harry and that this was the time Harry had run away from Voldemort and was hunting his Horcruxes. The memory faded and Harry found himself staring up at the white ceiling of his bedroom. He shot up in his bed, his breathing short and difficult.

He was drenched in cold sweat and his hair was sticking to his head. But all that Harry could hear was the sound of Bella's stifled sobs ring in his ears. How is this possible? Rodolphus is-" "Dead, yes we thought that too. James was still clutching the newspaper copy in his hand, staring at the handsome dark haired man. It turns out that when he was a teenager, he had been suspected as an accomplice to arson. We found his picture and Sirius said that he looked familiar.

I showed the picture to Lucius, hoping he would recognise him. Instead he turned to James and started to explain. I was present at his funeral. I was also there at the raid where he 'supposedly' lost his life. I never saw anything but we were told that Rodolphus had given his life, saving Bella's.

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Our men working under cover at the Ministry smuggled the body out and returned him to Voldemort, where he and Bella proceeded to hold a proper funeral. Rodolphus was one of the most talented and useful Death Eaters Voldemort had.

His death had been taken very hard. Rodolphus was never killed in that raid. He was arrested and during his questioning it must have been revealed that he was actually Cole Bailey. Voldemort faked Rodolphus' death and funeral so no one would ever question why Voldemort left such an important Death Eater in Azkaban.

They stared at each other. If you message me on here, I generally know you're not a bot: This time I totally and completely lost Twilight as an interest. We're not talking excuses, this was an honest lack of interest in continuing. For months just looking at chapter 51 was beyond a chore, it was borderline offensive to me. Not a single character gave me inspiration to write about, I didn't have the urge to even just edit what was already written. So it sat there, like a giant albatross weighing me down, and throwing snarky guilt trippy remarks at me every day.

In time it became a burden, an actual literal burden that I just wanted to get rid of in the worst way. I'm not being woe is me, I'm not trying to beg for sympathy here. As a reader you shouldn't have to care about the behind the scenes drama that unfolds with the writing process.

To add insult to injury I've been trying to write an original story for while now, and it's a bit frustrating when another project suddenly becomes important again. Priorities are flexible, writing a fan fiction is something of a mixed bag. There is very little reward versus the work involved.

This project is going on two and a half years now. The actual story has quite a bit to go. And that's where this very long update is going.

I wasn't sure it was worth the time and effort to finish this story. I was tempted to leave, but it felt wrong to hang everything on Kathryn's shoulders. So a couple of nights ago we started talking about the most important topic left in a story going onwords, the ending. Honestly, the solution was a bit simpler than I expected, and I can say that work has begun again on this fic.