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All about tax and duty on electricity bills in India. Details of electricity duty or tax is as follows as per the Tariff Orders issued by various State Power Utilities. Sir, i am iqbal singh kalra from nai abadi, st no. 3, bada pull, abohar & i paid my pspcl bill online of [+43 (Late fees acc. To bill)] on. With HDFC Bank BillPay plus facility, you can easily pay all your bills online like: upto a defined amount threshold or schedule payments at a later date.

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Worldcraft multiplayer dating game. Department shall be submitted in the envelope for Earnest Money. The Tenderers who are silent in this regard shall be deemed to deposit Security Deposit in CASH in the event of purchase order placed on them. Supplying material directly through units owned by them.

The bills for the Sales Tax and insurance charges, if any, should be submitted separately. The firms which do not agree to this stipulation or indicate C. In case Central Excise staff refuses to issue a separate gate pass indicating the excise duty claimed from you, the original invoices raised for the supply of the equipment will bear a certificate from the Central Excise staff to the fact that Excise Duty has been charged from you and the amount so charged will be indicated.

D in their tender will have to absorb E. The firms which do not agree to this stipulation or indicate E. Octroi charges in Punjab if applicable shall be paid extra on actual basis.

The Supplier will have intimate the probable date of dispatch followed by telegraphic advance intimation regarding the actual date of R. A copy of such intimation should be sent to the consignee and this office for reference, immediately Invoicing Procedures: All invoices should be prepared in six-triplicate 6 copies.

The PSTCL would allow an order preference to such tenderers whose works are situated within the State of Punjab as per the procedure laid down as under: For this purpose the merit position of the Punjab firms shall be prepared separately.

However, where the Punjab firms qualify amongst the lowest bidders on their own quoted rates, they shall form part of the original quoted list for the purpose of placing orders. Such undertaking should be submitted by the Punjab based tendering firms latest by the close of day of opening of tenders.

In case no such undertaking is furnished by the Punjab based firms who are otherwise eligible for claiming Order Preference as per the tender specification, their tender shall not be considered for placement of any order under Order Preference.

The date of delivery shall be reckoned as the date of receipt of material by the Consignee as per the Receipted Challan. Purchase order shall be placed strictly on the above understanding for the quantities offered by him after taking into account all his previous commitments against other pending orders.

There will be a slack of one month that will not entail any penalty and will not involve any additional financial implication. No extension in delivery shall be granted in case of delay in payment. However, for delayed payments beyond stipulated period as per terms of payment clause, compensation shall be of the payment so delayed per month or part thereof to be adjusted against penalties levied or to be levied subject to a maximum of penalty leviable due to delay in deliveries under the contract Insurance: Destination basis and it is the responsibility of the Supplier to deliver the goods in sound condition F.

However, necessary assistance required in connection with making and settling of such claims, if any, shall be provided by the consignees.

It will, however, be Supplier's responsibility to prefer timely claims on the insurance under-writers and to arrange replacement thereof to the consignees. Such shortages and damages etc. Beside the recovery against each fake call, a letter of warning shall be issued and it shall be Rs. The availability achieved shall be calculated jointly by the Bidder's representative and the purchaser as per the modalities to be finalized by the Purchaser beforehand.

Non-availability due to external factors such as failure of DC power supply, communication etc. In case the actual achieved availability falls short of the guaranteed availability under the contract, it would be considered as vendor's default. The equipment shall be taken over only after successful demonstration of guaranteed site availability Test GSAT and that date will be reckoned as date of successful commissioning for all intents and purposes and three year warranty period shall starts from this date.

The retrofitted RTU shall have warranty up to 3 years as mentioned in clause 2. The bidder shall be responsible to maintain sufficient quantity of spares for further period of 10 years as required to maintain the RTUs. The bidder shall quote separately the comprehensive Annual Maintenance Charges AMC for 10 ten years applicable after expiry of three year Warranty period mentioned above. A separate contract for AMC, initially for the period of 7 seven years, shall be signed by Purchaser with successful bidder, if required.

Bidder shall give undertaking regarding maintaining the sufficient quantity of spares for further period of 10 years after expiry of warranty, as required to maintain the RTUs Maintenance during Installation, commissioning etc: The Vendor shall be responsible to maintain the RTUs during installation, field testing, commissioning, Integration etc.

During this period the vendor shall make available the services of their hardware and software specialists within 24 hours of the notification of any problem s that may exist. The vendor shall repair or replace all defective parts and shall have prime responsibility for keeping the system operational Completeness of Equipment: All fittings, accessories and apparatus not specifically mentioned in the specification but are actually necessary for completeness of the equipment shall be deemed to be included in the offer.

All equipment shall therefore be complete in all respects whether such details are mentioned in the tender document or not Training: The successful tenderer will be required to impart training to minimum 4 nos. Engineers so as to fully acquaint them with Design, Testing and commissioning, including fault detection, Protocol details etc. The period of training shall be mutually agreed upon and all expenses shall be borne by the Purchaser Raw Material: All the materials used in the manufacture of equipment shall be of the best quality obtainable of their respective kinds and whole of the work shall be of the highest class, well finished and of approved design and make.

Casting shall be free from blow holes, flaws, cracks or other defects and shall be smooth, close grained and of true forms and dimensions. No variation or modification or waiver of any of the terms and provisions shall be deemed valid unless mutually agreed upon in writing by both the Purchaser and the Supplier Packing: All boxes shall be marked with the signs indicating up and down sides of the boxes and also unpacking instructions considered necessary by the Supplier.

The contents of boxes shall have place marks corresponding to the number in the packing lists to enable easy identification.

Punjab state power corporation limited (PSPCL Bill Payment)

The destination station name of the material shall also be marked on all boxes. Purchase Order number and date be given on the name plates Test Certificates and Documents: All the Tenderers are required to give the following undertakings on their letterhead with the tender documents i That they would not pay any commission etc.

In addition, bidder shall submit following undertakings also: The award of the Sole Arbitrator shall be final and binding on the parties under the provision of the Indian Arbitration Act, and of the rules there under.

It will not be objectionable if the Sole Arbitrator is an officer of the PSTCL and he has expressed his views on all or any of the matters in question of dispute or difference.

It will be obligatory on the part of the successful Tenderer to execute within 30 days of the receipt of detailed order, a legal contract agreement on nonjudicial stamp paper of the appropriate value.

The contract shall be made in duplicate and one copy will be retained by each party Cancellation: In addition, data telemetry of all those bays which at presently are not being telemetered i. Tentative list of new bays is as per Annexure-IB. The Successful Bidder shall supply all such items and provide a complete RTU design that meets all of the Purchaser's functional requirements defined in this Specification.

On the basis of joint survey, purchaser reserves the rights to delete supply of any RTU amongst above list from the scope of the bidder.

In all cases, latest editions or revisions of applicable standards in effect shall apply Strict compliance should be made to the standards, scalability, modular and open architecture. The optional functions, if any specified in the specifications, may be implemented with the addition of necessary hardware and software modules in the field as and when required by the Purchaser without any additional financial implications except for hardware cost if any.

It is Purchaser's intent that the Successful Bidder uses as much standard hardware and software as possible; however, all of the functional requirements of this Specification must be satisfied. The use of the Successful Bidder's standard hardware and software may cause the Successful Bidder to conclude that there is a need for additional items not specifically mentioned in this Specification. All functional requirements mentioned herein shall be provided by the bidder even if a function is not initially implemented.

worldcraft multiplayer dating game

As a minimum, RTUs shall be capable of performing the following functions: All restart shall be reported to connected remote control station s. The RTU shall have the communication ports minimum 8 nos. It shall be possible to increase the number of communication ports in RTU by addition of cards, if required in future. The RTUs shall support the use of a different communication data exchange rate bits per second and scanning cycle on each port.

The communication protocol shall support all the requirements of this standard. The communication protocol shall be non-proprietary and the Successful Bidder shall provide complete description and documentation of the protocol to Purchaser. All the notifications shall be accomplished within the framework of the periodic data acquisition exchanges. Reporting of Status Points: The RTU communication protocol shall report status changes by exception to master station s. Digital status data shall have higher priority than Analog data.

The communication protocol shall also support an integrity scan user configurable of all status data by master stations. The integrity scan will report the status of all RTU data assigned to the scan group. The Analog data shall normally be scanned periodically from the master station to update all the values at master station with in 10 to 15seconds. A scan group shall be a specified set of data points within the RTU's central database which will be communicated to a master station when requested by a specific addressed scan request.