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The War Council broke trade relations with the rest of Chile and confirmed Valdivia's loyalty to the Spanish government. Cochrane's land-based attack took the Spanish by surprise, avoiding a direct confrontation with the highly defended forts at the entrance to the Valdivia River. Valdivia had been a province of the General Captaincy of Chile and was in incorporated as one of the eight provinces of Chile. The expansion and economic development of the city were limited in the early 19th century.

Through this program, thousands of Germans settled in the area, incorporating then-modern technology and know-how to develop agriculture and industry.

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While immigrants that arrived to the Llanquihue area were often poor farmers, Valdivia received more educated immigrants, including political exiles and merchants.

Some of the immigrants that arrived in Valdivia established workshops and built new industries. One of the most famous immigrants was Carlos Anwandteran exile from Luckenwalde who arrived in Valdivia in and in founded Chile's first German school. Other Germans left the city and became settlers, drawn by the promise of free land. They were often given forested land, which they cleared to turn into farms.

The Osorno department of Valdivia Province was moved to Llanquihue Province created in as consequence of German immigration to the Llaquihue area. Never will have the country that adopts us as its children, reason to repent of such illustrated, human and generous proceeding, The steel mills of Corral were the largest recorded private investment in Chile at the time, and were the first steel mills in South America.


In Valdivia became a commune according to a law that created such subdivisions. After the Malleco Viaduct was built in the railroads advanced further south, reaching Valdivia in The first passenger train arrived in In a fire destroyed 18 city blocks in downtown Valdivia, [12] which were rebuilt with modern concrete buildings.

By lumber production, from clearing of native forests, became the most important industry. Cattle-raising was a growing industry, and wheat was grown on the cleared lands. Lumber, cattle, leather, flour and beer were exported. In the city's population was 8, inhabitants and was estimated at 9, in Everywhere you meet German faces, German signboards and placards alongside the Spanish.

There is a large German school, a church and various Vereine, large shoe-factories, and, of course, breweries In the first "Valdivian Week" Spanish: Semana Valdiviana was celebrated. Chile's oldest beauty contest, "Queen of The Rivers" Spanish: The city evolved as an early tourist center in Chile, while popular songs that named Valdivia and the Calle-Calle River made it better known in Chilean popular culture.

The commercial and human flux Valdivia suffered two setbacks in the early 20th century, first the connection of Osorno by railroad to central Chile which meant that Valdivia lost the quality of being the port that connected Osono to Central Chile.

The earthquake generated devastating tsunamis that affected Japan and Hawaii. Government authorities drew plans for evacuating the city, but many people left on their own. Danger to the city was reduced after a large team of workers opened a drainage channel in the landslide; water levels of the lake slowly returned to normal levels.

There is evidence that a similar landslide and earthquake happened in After the Great Chilean earthquake Valdivia's economy and political status declined. Much of the city was destroyed and many inhabitants left.

Bythe military junta reorganized the political divisions of Chile and declared Valdivia a province of the Los Lagos Region with Puerto Montt as the regional capital. Many Valdivians resented the decision, and felt theirs should have been the legitimate regional capital—while Valdivia was founded inand had resisted pirate attackshostile natives and several earthquakes, Puerto Montt was a relatively new city founded only in three hundred and one years later.

This led to deforestation and substitution of native Valdivian temperate rainforests to plant pines and eucalyptusbut also created new jobs for people with limited education. Valdivia has an early Spanish colonial past, plus a later history of German colonization. Both eras left visible landmarks such as the forts of Corral Bay and the German-style wood houses. The governments of Spain and Germany currently maintain honorary consulates in Valdivia.

The city is commonly seen as a tourist magnet in Chile, and sometimes described as La Perla del Sur The Pearl of the South and as La ciudad mas linda de Chile Chile's most beautiful city.

Every year during the summer months of January and February the municipality organizes many free cultural events along the river site, such as concerts, sporting events, and other entertainment. To mark and celebrate the end of the touristic summer months, halfway through February all entertainment reaches its climax with the celebration of noche Valdiviana Valdivian night.

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During this night many local groups and communities present themselves on boats during a night parade over the river. Every boat has its own theme related with one theme of that year. At the end a jury picks the winners in different categories.

As the world numbershe caused a big upset at the Puerto Rican Open by defeating top seed and world number 30 Brenda Schultz-McCarthy in the first round, finishing the year with 20 wins and 18 losses. In June, Rossana easily qualified for the main draw of the French Open, losing just eleven games in three matches. In the main draw, she beat Miroslava Vavrinec in the first round and Marlene Weingartner in the second round, before upsetting the world number ten, Amanda Coetzer7—5 6—7 4 6—4. She then fell to fellow qualifier Marta Marrero, the first time two qualifiers met in the fourth round of the French Open.

After that, she won only one of her next five matches. In the first round she defeated Cristina Torrens Valero 6—1 6—0, and then recorded her greatest victory to date, with a 7—5 2—6 6—4 win over world number six at the time Monica Seles.

This is my most important victory, and I dedicate it to my husband. Won just three of her next thirteen matches until the French Open in June, where she recorded a third round appearance but fell to Elena Dementieva. Advanced to the second round of Wimbledon but was defeated at the hands of Monica Seles. She won 21 matches in total during the year, and lost She lost in the opening rounds of the Australian Open and the French Open, and was defeated 6—0 6—0 by Kim Clijsters in the first round at Wimbledon.

She won 29 matches 18 of which were in qualifying and lost 29 matches. She won two matches in qualifying for the French Open in just her second tournament of the year, but lost in the final round. She lost in the first round of qualification at the US Open in September, but rebounded with a Semifinal at Ashburn on the ITF tour and more impressively, qualified for Philadelphia Tier II and reached the second round before being defeated by Anastasia Myskina 6—4 7—6 0.

She won 19 matches during the year and lost a total of However, a knee injury kept her out of play from February to October. In her return tournament, she impressively reached the Semifinals of Pelham. In October, she reached the Quarterfinals of San Francisco.

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She won 9 matches out of 16 for the year. Ranked as low as No. She was defeated by Edina Gallovits 3—6 7—6 5 7—6 0 despite Rossana leading 5—0 in the final set and having six match points.

Despite the loss, next week Rossana went on to reach the final in Palm Beach Gardensbeating the eighth, fourth and second seeds respectively, before losing in the final.