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Fireshot (Internet Explorer and Firefox); Lightshot (Google Chrome) Most free screenshot programs do not support the removal of these visual effects which .. It will save a screenshot in the same directory in png format with the date and Lightshot is an alternative for the Windows version of the Google Chrome browser. Fireshot is a firework simulation app, using your camera tap anywhere to launch a firework rocket and experience an awe-inspiring explosion. These sites celebrate and encourage differences. Everyone from punks to goths has a place on the following free alternative dating websites.

The latter option is required if you need to take a screenshot of menus and other elements that close automatically when the program window loses focus. PicPick supports full screen captures with multi-monitor supportactive windows captures, scrolling window screenshots, fixed region and free hand captures and more.

The screen capture is then displayed in the program's interface which offers basic image editing features like crop, resize and rotate options, and basic image editing tools like adding text, basic geometric shapes, a color picker and magnifier. The memory consumption is lower than 10 Megabytes of computer memory which is great for such a program.

The screen capture capabilities combined with the imaged editor make PicPick a potent screen capturing program. It was created as a response to Microsoft adding a screenshot tool to tablet Vista operating systems, and offered similar functionality that all users could make use of.

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You can invoke the tool by pressing the print screen button you can bind it to any other button if you likeand the tool will pop up. It has a great mechanism because you can draw on your desktop before you create the "snip", so depending on what you draw you may decide you need a bigger area. You can then use a box or a freehand tool to select the area you need and snip it.

Once that is done the snipped image will sort of hover on your desktop in a very cool way, you really have to see it to appreciate it.

How to take screenshots of a Webpage using Fireshot Lite

You can save it to the clipboard, edit it with Paint or your can save it to your hard drive. My only problem was that the edit option opens up Paint and apparently there is nothing you can do about this.

Since you can send the screen capture to the clipboard it's not that bad, you can open it up in Gimp or Photoshop by simply pasting, but since you can choose saving format, timer option and so much, to me the inclusion of this feature would have been obvious. Great looking app though, give it a go! PrtScr's main feature set includes options to take full screen, windowed, rectangular shaped and freehand screenshots, save them in various output formats, add annotations to screenshots, and use custom keyboard shortcuts to optimize the workflow.

Recent versions of the Windows operating system come with the snipping tool included. While that is great for basic screenshot taking, it lacks features such as freehand drawing which this third party tool provides. For that, they are even more important than other media like videos, considering that not everyone can or likes to play videos while reading an article.

But screenshots are also important for search engine visibility. There are other situations where you may need to create screenshots, for instance when creating PowerPoint presentations, writing your midterm paper or resume. QuickScreenShots is a free portable software for Windows that can be used to take screenshots on the system. It supports full desktop, active window and region screenshots which should be sufficient for most users. Users can click on buttons in the application interface to trigger the screenshots, or use global hotkeys to do so.

The screenshots are shown in the program interface. Five options are listed on the right side. They allow the user to auto copy and auto save the screenshot among other things; Auto copy moves the screenshot to the Windows Clipboard, Auto Save saves it directly to the local hard drive. A total of three effects can be added to each screenshot as well. This includes a shadow and black and white effect, as well as an option to rotate the screen by 10 degrees.

Auto save, shadow and rotate have preference buttons next to them. It is for instance possible to change the rotation angle or the default save directory. Four buttons a the bottom can be used to save, copy and view the screenshot. QuickScreenShots is not as sophisticated as commercial tools such as SnagIt or WinSnap, but that does not make it a bad screenshot taking tool. The thing that is missing most is a resize feature to resize screenshots before they are saved.

The app lacks tools like blur or highlight on top of that. This means that some post-processing needs to be done in an image editor or another program. Windows users who are interested in the program can download a portable version or installer from the project website over at Google Code. It will run on all versions of Windows from Windows 9x on. The free program comes with all the bells and whistles you expect from a program of its kind, and a lot more.

You can download a portable version of the application from the developer website or a setup version.

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The program supports all core screen capturing features such as taking screenshots of windows, the entire screen, or a rectangle, but also of the entire workspace which spans multiple monitors. It is one of the few programs that support this. Screenshot Captor displays a quick access menu by default after you take a screenshot. It allows you to save or print the image, open it in the editor, copy it to the Clipboard, or use send functionality. You may customize what happens after you take screenshots to streamline the process.

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The editor of the application is very powerful. It supports all major operations such as highlighting areas, drawing arrows and other shapes on the screen, or add text. It supports various save options, and may even be used to create a thumbnail of the image. Screenshot Captor supports even more features: An icon is placed in the system tray upon startup, which contains configuration settings, and links to program features. Screenshots are created by pressing Ctrl-Print on the keyboard, or by left-clicking the system tray icon.

Both can take screenshots of the full screen, or a single window, but not custom sizes, scrolling windows or other types of screenshots. Shotty takes high quality screenshots by default, this and the default keyboard shortcut can be changed in the program's options. Those free sites that were acquired, are slowly turning into paid sites.

Free Alternative to FireShot Pro's 'Capture All Tabs?'

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