Dating age difference formula for sine

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dating age difference formula for sine

Date: 09/07/99 at From: David Morgan Subject: Solving unknown . and difference formulas; - the Taylor series method to calculate one sine or cosine. Abu al-Wafa had sine tables in ° increments, to 8 decimal places also established the angle addition and difference identities. Date: 07/20/ at From: Andy Subject: Trigonometry | Identities b) | 2 \ / And that is the product-to-sum formula for Sin(a) Cos(b). This is mainly because I was looking for two expressions whose sum is x and whose difference is y. Choose "whole words" when searching for a word like age.

dating age difference formula for sine

And why don't they teach us that? And now that we have computers, the methods used to compute trig functions in computers or scientific calculators make use of things you won't learn for a while yet. But it's good to learn enough about these methods to appreciate the fact that you have tables and calculators. So here is something I wrote for another student who wondered how one can calculate a trig function by hand.

I hope it helps you a little. That begs the question: How were those tables calculated? I know of three methods. I must admit I have never used any of them!


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For example, Let's assume that you have already calculated profit percentage and total cost and you want to calculate total profit gained. Then you can use the existing aggregate formulas to calculate total profit gained. Creating Reports using Aggregate Formulas Aggregate formulas can be used while creating all reports charts, pivot tables, and summary views as you would use a column in a table.

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The value of the aggregate formula will be computed for each data point that is displayed in the report in which it is used i. If you are interested in learning more about this, search our archives for old questions and answers on this subject.

To search our archives, go to: So, that is a brief description of geometry. How is it similar to or different from trigonometry? Well, trig and geometry are actually intricately related: In its most basic form, trig helps us to determine the relationships between angles in a triangle and the lengths of the sides of the triangle.

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It does this by defining six functions: For instance, suppose we have a right triangle ABC as follows: The angle CAB is a right angle. Call the angle CBA theta. Then the trig functions sine and cosine can help us to determine relationships between the angles of the triangle and the ratios of the sides of the triangle: More advanced trigonometry leaves classical geometry behind.

For instance, we can use trig functions to help us understand complex numbers better numbers that have the square root of -1 in them.

dating age difference formula for sine

In addition, because trig functions are functions, we can use them in varied settings - anywhere mathematics deals with functions, trig will be involved. This is just a brief overview of how geometry and trigonometry are related. I would recommend that you search the Dr.