Woohyun and hyomin dating advice

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woohyun and hyomin dating advice

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Then we see Mi-jin raiding his car for her documents. Seo ran to the police station and the cop thinks his story is a result of alcohol or a game. The cop asks to see her I. All three leave but Seo wants to stay longer to avoid Mi-jin.

INFINITE’s Nam Woohyun goes for a sentimental look in new image teaser

He keeps stealing sidelong glances at Mi-jin who does the same. Eung-suk leaves with Mi-jin. At home, he asks her what happened and tears pool in her eyes. Does he really want to know the truth? Chef Seo is right; she is a gumiho. He is confused and she explains that she wanted him to remember her as a human until the end; not like this.

She flashes back to the day her Goryeo Dynasty husband discovered that she was a gumiho. She is backed against a gate, bleeding. Then, Mi-jin continues the story in a voice over: The guards come and spot the blood trail and chase her off, leaving her husband to stare incredulously after her as it begins to rain.

That clock was a really good set touch. Eung-suk remembers Chef Seo telling him that he clearly saw Mi-jin with tails. Then he hugs her and tells her not to worry. Mi-sun is at home looking tired and ragged when Mi-mo calls.

Welcome to being human, sista. Then she encourages her mother who will be to work shortly. After they hang up, we see how exhausted and anxious Mi-sun truly is.

Uh, the family aspect of this drama kills me. He searches for her and then ends up nosing through her box. When Mi-sun enters her office, she finds Mi-jin huddled in the corner, brooding. She told Eung-suk everything and Chef Seo saw her true form. Mi-sun flips out and runs out of the room. She gets angry and wonders if he thinks so little of her to think she only wants money from him.

woohyun and hyomin dating advice

He leaves and we see that she actually cares for him. Mi-sun assigns Mi-mo to take care of the business while Mi-sun moves them out to a new place. Eung-suk tries to contact Mi-jin and Chef Seo stops him. Geez, this guy has one serious case of denial. Seo says she different from us and Eung-suk agrees: Seo thinks Eung-suk is bewitched and tries to stop Eung-suk from going after her. He reminds Eung-suk that she said she needs men to live, she dated all those men.

Mi-mo says farewell to the employees and the business when she gets a call from a shocked and indignant Woo-hyun asking to meet. They meet at the basketball court and she says he can find her wherever she goes. But wait, is he asking her to wait two years? So Woo-hyun takes to shooting some hoops, or at least tries. He asks her to wait until the ball goes in, like it did in the second episode.

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She wonders if he likes her that much and he notes that she always asks that. This hits her hard and she puts down her purse and takes the ball, sinking it in one try. He whoops and hollers happily before grabbing her and twirling her around. We only get this. I assume the man finally got his. She apologizes to her mother and then offers to go get drinks for everyone. They are not to hurt anyone, but are to bring Mi-jin; if not her, then her family. Secretary Park takes a stand against them when they try to grab Mi-sun, who screams out to him as he gets his ass beat.

She also gets caught. At Last, Eung-suk is furious that Mi-sun is here and there are creepy men outside. Mi-sun thinks Eung-suk is in on it until Chef Seo confesses.

Mi-sun fervently denies it. Mi-jin walks in and her mother warns her away. Episode 16 — Bye, my precious love! Did she eat them all? Her mother tries to shush her and Eung-suk tries to approach her but she stops them. For a long, tense moment they all wait and then the cops show up.

Anyway, Seo asks the cops to investigate Mi-jin and Mi-sun as gumihos. Mi-sun thanks him for believing them and Mi-jin decides to stay and talk to him. She instead asks if he remembers what she said in his room, or that time they went to the zoo? They only watched a fox for two hours.

woohyun and hyomin dating advice

She tells a story. A long time ago, there was a mother fox and her two baby foxes. One day they ate a strange herb and suddenly changed to evil foxes with nine tails. They could turn themselves to human forms. But they were also fated to become human only after eating 1, livers.

They all wanted to become human for different reasons. They all loved me dearly even though I was only a beast in human shape. Eung-suk is still a skeptic and claps mockingly at the end of her story, telling her its perfect for a script only to discover she is no longer sitting beside him. Suddenly, a wind blows and the pictures fly off the table. He glances up and his jaw drops. Before him is Mi-jin in her true form, nine tails waving.

She finally shows him the truth. Eung-suk, this is who I am.

woohyun and hyomin dating advice

Not a human, but an evil fox. The monster that eats human livers is me. Much like you, Khloe Kardashian is advvice to find a last-minute Valentine's Day date. They are committed to online dating blog articles examples church, and to the history, the history of their families, that it represents. The difference between the two is based on hyonin number of individualized factors. Besides that though, I am hopeful that maybe someday, someone else may benefit from my experience.

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Hyojin No, interested, irreverent and imperfect. Save the texting and calling for when you want to set up a date or a meetup, and get straight to the point. Films and video games deliver successful experiences that impact people on an emotional level.