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By using it on Zoey, she'll fall in love with him and leave Rythian in a While technically not dating, it was apparent that the mage holds his .. It was like a game of chess to Lalna but currently Rythian had his king in check. Zoey and Rythian's series, due to Zoey's self admitted perfectionist streak character whose love interest is her irl girlfriend Fiona, and explained it away as a. Originally known for the series "Blackrock Chronicle" with Rythian, Zoey is now more channel, on which contains varied let's plays and videos with her girlfriend.

The mage wasn't known for being particularly compassionate especially with people that he felt 'wronged him'. Lalna had to hope that he could either a, talk himself out of this situation or b, hope that Zoey comes back and calms Rythian down. There was a third option. He could try and fight him. The scientist shook this idea out of his head the moment it surfaced.

The mage was physically stronger then him. He was pound of pure trained muscle. Lalna was shorter and more pudgy from lack of exercising. There was no way that he could win a fight against the mage, scratch that, he could beat the mage, but not in the situation that he was in. Usually Lalna could apply logic ahead of time and use Rythians emotions against him. But that only worked if he was out of reach and safely behind a force field. He internally kicked himself for being so stupid.

Look, I know this looks really bad but I assure you that I mean no harm. Lalna could tell he was trying to keep a cool head. His anger had been his down fall on numerous occasions. But it seems he had learned from the previous fights. This fact made him more dangerous.

I mean, c'mon Rythian, you and I used to be friends. He waited for the magic user to yell and argue, blame him for everything, probably even strike him. But instead the man just looked away from him and sighed lightly.

This was a strange reaction, even for someone as strange as him. Lalna, testing the boundaries, decided to continue on. He attacked me first. He didn't know how much of the drugged beverage was consumed but it seemed to be going straight to his head. The blond took the opportunity to pull his wrist free and cup the mages face to get a better look at him. Before his fingers met flesh, he found his wrist caught once again in one of Rythian's hands. The other was grabbed as well and Lalna was slowly backed up against the counter top, the wooden surface pressing into his hips.

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Their eyes locked, bright blue meeting hazy purple. Lalna could see a dark expression cross Rythian's face. His scarred lips slightly parted as he leaned in close breathing in deeply. Lalna flushed brightly in response. Was Rythian sniffing him? He leaned his head back trying to get away from the man only to be pushed farther against the cabinet behind him. His elbow brushing the still steaming mug, reminding him of the situation he was in.

Lalna had made a love potion for Zoey, the same one that Rythian had ended up drinking. Did that mean that Rythian was now in love with him? It didn't seem like it. It felt more animalistic then that. It felt more possessive. Rythian forced his knee in between the scientist's legs pinning him in place while his hands pulled the captured wrists over his head.

He then dove down running his lips along Lalna's neck feeling the pulse beneath it speed up. He could feel the heat emanating from his skin.

Rythian and zoey dating

He could feel the soft breath from the scientist on his cheek tempting him to touch and taste, to ravish the blond and… "What…did you do…to me? Lalna twitched in response, biting his lip nervously. He didn't want the mage to know what he had planned.

No doubt he would kill him. He tore his gaze from Rythian's, refusing to meet his eyes. As much as Lalna would like to deny it, the man had a way of knowing what he was up to just by looking in his eyes. The scientist felt his wrist get captured by one of the mages while his ear lobe was tugged and nibbled on teasingly. He couldn't stop the light gasp from escaping him. This brought a grin to Rythian's face.

You know I will figure it eventually. He lifted him up slightly so Lalna was now sitting on the counter top. Pressing forward again, Rythian bucked his hips against the scientist's, creating delicious friction between them. They both groaned at the contact, bodies being pressed flush against each other. Rythian's fingers digging into his captive's hips as his mouth leaving trails of bites along Lalna's throat.

Lalna bit his lower lip trying to keep the sounds to a minimum. He had to figure out a way out of this situation. Not that he wasn't being affected, quite the opposite actually, he was finding it harder to keep up his struggles against the mage. He wanted nothing more then to shove Rythian back into the wall and get to know every inch of his body as intimately as possible. Lalna shook his head as the thoughts filled his head, his body reacting to his idea in an excited fashion.

There was the problem. Rythian was in control. Lalna was a proud man. He was a scientist, brilliant and compassionate about his work.

He worked with machines because they were always easy to work with, easy to manipulate. He was always in control. At theJaffa factory, he was in control of any type of technology they used. In fights, he was in control of the field. It was like a game of chess to Lalna but currently Rythian had his king in check.

But the battle hadn't been won yet. Lalna's brain was working overtime to turn the tables. It was another fight, just on new grounds, with new rules. The scientist was a quick learner however, and knew that in order for him to beat Rythian, he would have to play along. Tipping his head up, Lalna pressed his lips to the magic users.

Rythian flinched at the contact for a second before melting into the kiss. What started off as just a brush of lips soon turned into a fully passionate make out session, or several in their case seeing as how they had to break for air numerous times. His fingers teasingly worked under the back of his shirt, sliding it up his back till they reached his underarms. Lalna internally smirked to himself. Rythian was slowly losing control.

He reached with his now free arms and gripped the back of the mages head pulling him back into a kiss. His tangled his fingers through the mans chocolate locks, tugging softly, controlling the mans pace. Their mouths mashed together, tongues fighting another battle for dominance, which Lalna submitted to willingly.

Rythian was none the wiser as the scientist slid his legs along the backs of his thighs, pulling him impossibly closer till there hips met again. Tingles of pleasure ran through them both forcing low animal like growls to break their kiss. His fingers traced the curvatures of the magic user's neck and tugged lightly on the material still wrapped around his shoulders.

Once undone, he pushed the material down his shoulders, letting it pool on the counter top. Lalna lifted his arms, allowing the mage to strip off his undershirt as well. When he was topless, he began tugging on Rythian's cloak impatiently.

The man in return, looped his fingers through the clasp holding the material closed and undid it, allowing the cape to fall to the ground. Lalna eagerly pulled on Rythian's shirt, attempting to remove it without having to pull away. He unlatched the belt across his chest dropping it the floor. The shirt came off next, landing a few feet on the ground, behind them. The scientist pushed up on Rythian's chest trying to get him to stand and the mage, being more compliable, did so without question.

He backed up slightly as Lalna hopped off the counter top. Rythian gasped lightly as he was spun around and pressed back against the cupboard. He felt uneasy with being pinned down but didn't argue when rough lips met his own again. Another sound of a clasp being removed and Rythian found his belt undone, his pants now hanging loosely from his hips. Lalna hooked his fingers through the mages belt loops and tugged lightly, forcing the material to fall down his legs.

Rythian's arms reached up to grip his hips only to be stopped in mid motion. The blond caught his arms forcing them back against the wooden surface.

He applied his weight to his chest and the taller of the two had to balance on his elbows so he wouldn't slip. Now that he was pinned, Lalna felt more confident with his actions, dipping his fingers teasingly under Rythian's boxers.

His hand trailed past rough hair before reaching his weeping length, which twitched at the contact. Rythian bucked his hips up at the scientist's touch, trying to add to the friction. Their mouths tore apart as he let out a breathy moan, his head lulled back as the fingers danced up and down his member. Rythian didn't even realise his boxer were off until he felt a warm mouth join the hand below his waist.

Lalna lips closed around his length, enveloping it heat, his tongue swirling around the tip slowly. The mages panted in time with the blonds bobbing head, fingers tracing through his blond locks. He tugged lightly on the ever present goggles, removing them softly and placing them on the table top he was resting on.

Lalna smirked as his mouth made short work of the man beneath him. He could tell just by the desperate thrusts that Rythian was close.

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He could taste the bitter fluid leaking from the tip of his member as he took him fully into his mouth. Lalna swallowed one more time before pulling away completely, leaving Rythian a heaving mess beneath him. He just leaned forward, spreading the mages legs up so he could stand in between his thighs. Laughing happily, he dove down nipping his ear playfully before whispering mischievously. You know you like it.

The other that was tracing his cheek slid down to his lips, rubbing them softly. He didn't know much about what happened between two guys during intercourse so for once he was at lose of what to do but he had heard Zoey ramble on about safe sex enough to know that he was prepping him.

He knew what Lalna wanted but that still didn't get rid of the sense of foreboding at letting him continue. The other half of his mind didn't care however and just wanted to feel something, anything other then that deep seeded hate in his mind. Throwing caution to the wind, he let go of his quickly losing conscience and gave into the scientist. Opening his mouth, he accepted the fingers, allowing them to swirl around his tongue teasingly.

Once damp enough to the blonds' satisfaction, they were removed only to trace down in between his thighs. The tips draw wet patterns around his entrance before slowly pushing inside. Lalna smiled at the mages reaction, his eyes squeezed shut, breath shallow. His hand continued to pump him while the other worked on stretching him wider.

Rythian was slowly moving into his thrusts but it was obvious that saliva wasn't enough preparation. Lalna was going to seriously hurt him if he didn't find something else to use. Not that he was worried about the magic user's well being; he just didn't want everything to end in blood shed. He was too far in to just toss in his cards, the bulge in his pants being a reminder of his needs as well.

Glancing around he spotted a dish sitting innocently on the other end of the table, the cream coloured paste easily identified as butter. Raising his eyebrow in interest, Lalna turned his attention back to the whimpering man beneath him. Once he spotted the butter, he flushed bright red, not quite understanding but having a faint idea of what Lalna wanted with it.

Lalna quelled this by gently massaging the hard length in his hand. The gasp he received in return sent his own member in frenzy, pulsating in his pants. He wanted nothing more then to ravish the man beneath him, why did Rythian have to make things so complicated? Without another word, the scarred man reached over, pulling the dish closer till it was beside his hip.

His hazy eyes meeting lalna's as the blond dipped his fingers in the margarine. He watched as Lalna covered all of his digit before returning back to his puckered entrance. The feeling of being filled returned again as the lubed up fingers pressed inside of him again. They spread the gooey liquid around while probing around searchingly inside of him.

Lalna knew he had found the right spot when the magic user arched up against him wantonly. His mouth parted in a silent moan, pupils dilated. He released his hold on Rythian's length in favour of undoing the belt holding up his pants. Lalna undid the button and unzipped the fly, letting his trousers drop to the ground. He didn't have to worry about underwear since he had to bad habit of not wearing any. Rythian whined lowly as the fingers were removed from him so suddenly.

Lalna didn't leave him hanging long as scientist scooped another handful of butter and covered his member with the substance. He gripped Rythian's hips tightly, meeting his hazy eyes. Rythian just nodded his approval. Slowly, the scientist guided himself inside of the mage, groaning deeply at the warm heat that enveloped him.

The snug feeling almost drove him over the edge. He had to take a deep breath to stop himself from thrust forward, hurting the man underneath him. Rythian eyes flashed brightly as his body was invaded by the scientist.

His toes curled tightly as the pain of being penetrated took hold of his sense. He took deep breaths trying to ease his body, glad that Lalna was keeping still. At least he had to decency to let him get used to his girth; it was his first time after all. A few breathless moments later and Rythian tested the waters with a light push.

The length inside of him pressed a bundle of nerves inside of him, causing him to grab the blond subconsciously. He wrapped his legs tightly around Lalna's hips pulling him impossibly closer to him; his arms slung themselves loosely over his shoulders.

Certain that Rythian was ready; Lalna began slowly rocking back and forth against his body. He removed himself only to slam back in, hitting that sweet spot again and again.

He rolled his hips up, filling the mage to the brim. Lalna panted lightly, feeling sweat roll down his back. Most have since been re-uploaded. In this videoLewis admits that he is not fond of the "Wizard Gandy" adventure map series that he and Simon Lane did, saying that it was one of the worst maps they have ever played.

In an ironic twist, people started flooding in to watch the episode again shortly after. The Shadow of Israphel.

Lewis has said that it simply can't be continued at the moment because of real life constraints, failed attempts to relaunch it and some of the original crew not being around any more not that it stopped complaining about SOI's hiatus or speculation he was lying. Zoey and Rythian's series, due to Zoey's self admitted perfectionist streak frequently causing her to work to the point of mental exhaustion, building off camera for 2 weeks just to get 20 minutes of footage.

Zoey said in that between that, and the servers changing multiple times, it's unlikely they're ever going back to Blackrock or Mushbury. Going hand-in-hand with going Off the Rails. Astley, for example, was not intended to be a creeper; the creeper had just randomly spawned in the dark basement that was meant to store the redstone mechanisms to play a noteblock rickroll as a door trigger that was never finished.

Then Teep killed Zoey on accident in a million-to-one chance, and from there they just decided to incorporate him into the story. Duncan's constant giggling during his conversation with Rythian was because he couldn't stay in character, but Rythian liked how it ended up making him look like a mad scientist. The Voltz "bomb" episode is probably the most remembered episode of that mod series, and it's entirely a massive combo of this and Off the Rails.

Notably the fact that Sips Coteam Honeydew, and Ridge weren't even supposed to know eachother were in the server yet. What Could Have Been: According to the wikia, Sjin and Sips tried getting Simon and Lewis' old guild member Yohi to join Sipsco, but he was away and Rythian ended up joining as an extra member of staff for their series.