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Nelson Mandela was the former leader of South Africa, but he was Very inspirational video - Lexi . Beacuse he died after staying in prison for 27 years!!! ! - shaheer. i really hope that nelson mandela was still alive and rest in peace - it is good that the blacks and the white came together and i am also. Nelson Mandela was the first black President of South Africa and African National Congress (ANC) was formed in to bring all Africans together as one people to defend their rights and freedoms The following year Mandela was arrested along with activists. . Lexi March 20, at am. Reverie is an American science fiction drama television series. The series was commissioned on May 12, The first season of 10 episodes premiered on May 30, on NBC. On November 6, , NBC canceled the series after one season. Jessica Lu as Alexis Barrett, an introverted programmer and the founder of.

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You had been such a great leader! He was only fighting for the rights of black people. We will never forget what you have done to Africa.

You did such a great thing and being put in jail for nothing must have been real bad. I will remember you P - amelia That was terrible how white people treated the black people! Nelson Meldela must have been extremaly brave to have stood up for his race! I think it is very terrible the way that they treated Nelson Meldela and I hope more people in the future will be brave enough to do what he did. P - James i am so sorry for the black people that were the past - ibrahim I think Nelson Mandela is definetly a name to remember in history because he didnit just restore equality to South Africa but to thye whole world.

Beacuse he died after staying in prison for 27 years!!!! Just because they are a different colour and look different to others, doesn't mean that they should be treated diferent because they are a country altogether and we are all human beings. God bless Nelson Mandella for changing not only South Africa but the world of what we think about others.

But can you imagine sporting teams based not on skill, but on the colour of the player's skin? These days it seems ridiculous. But only a few decades ago, that was exactly what used to happen in South Africa. Over here, Rugby Union has always been a national obsession. But in the 60s, the national team didn't reflect the nation at all.

Black people weren't allowed on the team at all. You see, racism was a big part of South Africa. Black people could only live in certain areas, could only get certain jobs, could only go to certain schools and couldn't ever be elected to government.

It was all done under a plan called Apartheid, meaning 'to keep apart'.

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These guys used to play for the Australian Rugby team. They saw all of this inequality first hand, during their tour of South Africa in the late 60s. It's just a seat bench in a public space with 'whites only' on it. I never heard anyone speak to another human being like that. It closed in as anti-apartheid struggle consumed most of the time of its two founders.

The following year Mandela was arrested along with activists. All were charged with high treason, thus beginning the infamous Treason Trial, which lasted till when all were found not guilty. Oliver Tambo left with Nelson Mandela right 4 His speech during Rivonia Trial is considered one of the great speeches of the 20th century Mandela came to the conclusion that violent action would be necessary to end apartheid.

MK planned to carry out acts of sabotage that would exert maximum pressure on the government with minimum casualties. It was classified as a terrorist organization by the SA government.

Mandla Hlatshwayo gunned down at Pimville pub

The police captured Mandela on 5th August The following year, he and his comrades were charged with sabotage and conspiracy to violently overthrow the government in what is known as the Rivonia Trial. The Rivonia Trial gained international attention and there were global calls for the release of the accused from the United Nations and World Peace Council.

However, the eight defendants, including Mandela, were sentenced to life imprisonment on 12th June He had to face numerous atrocities including solitary confinement.

He continued to be influential even in prison and there were numerous calls for his release.

Nelson Mandela

In FebruarySouth African president P. Botha offered to free Mandela but Mandela refused saying that the government must first dismantle apartheid. Amid growing domestic and international pressure, President de Klerk released Nelson Mandela on February 11, After his release, Mandela embarked on an international tour to encourage foreign countries to support sanctions against the SA apartheid government.