Kirk and ella bachelor pad dating quotes

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kirk and ella bachelor pad dating quotes

Bachelor Pad's Ella Nolan reveals she had FIVE plastic surgery procedures in After the date she was sent home by Pavelka who told her: 'I'm. When we last left the Bachelor Pad 2 kissing contest, Kasey and Vienna were having to lock lips with a bunch of contestants other than each. The Bachelor Pad drama was exceedingly high last night. The Jake and Vienna To prolong the drama, Ella's date was first. She chose Kirk.

Where are Dave and Natalie when you really need them? All I want is for someone to go on a date to Vegas, wear a slutty dress and get their pool-side make-out on. Is that really too much to ask for? The Next Morning — Back at the Pad Kirk, who appears to be the only voice of reason, breaks down the couples for us.

kirk and ella bachelor pad dating quotes

While everyone else is off scheming, these two love birds are picnicking poolside, slow-kissing the days away. Blake has decided that to succeed, he needs to con Melissa into being his partner.

Rather than be upfront with, by far, the most emotionally fragile person on the show, he decides to make her think he is digging her. Melissa has been picking up what Blake has been fake putting down and she picks him, his twin Kirk and their cousin Kasey for the date.

kirk and ella bachelor pad dating quotes

These three dudes, who I will now refer to as The Brothers Backstreet, look oddly alike. Clearly Melissa has a type. The crazy lady movie genre takes a backseat for a moment to the ever-emerging Mob movie taking place on set.

Just writing that sentence makes me want to question my life. No but really — How is Kasey the ring leader of anything other than the Muppet parade?

On the date, the posse climbs aboard a giant yacht for a day of fun aka Melissa pretending she is the Bachelorette.

kirk and ella bachelor pad dating quotes

Back at the Pad Ugh, back at the pad Jake is still wishing Vienna would stop bad-mouthing him and Vienna is still constantly talking about Jake and how much she hates him. I am wishing, praying, hoping, planning an animal sacrifice to the gods to make these two stop talking about each other or anything for that matter.

Seriously, Vienna is by far a giant waste of space and resources. Um, yeah Jake is a tool but you were engaged to the fool. I can no longer control my intense hatred for this wench. These people are mizzzzzzzz. On the Open Seas Blake tells us how he is going to use his sparkly white teeth and boyish charm to win over Melissa.

UNfortunately for him, he has no clue that this will only unleash the beast inside just waiting to shower him in crazy guilt and sobs of lost love. This guy had no idea what was coming. Melissa is love love loving being the boss.

She is literally overcome with joy at pretending to be the Bachelorette. Melissa, you do understand that this only lasts one date right? Small victories people, small victories. Get Your Scheme On The next morning, we learn that journaling is a shared hobby among all Bachelor ette contestants when we find Gia curled up jotting down her plan for the future Mrs.

Graham seems on-board but you can never tell with these fools.

kirk and ella bachelor pad dating quotes

In other news, Blake and Holly are flirting in the boom boom room does someone wash those sheets daily? Melissa goes hunting for Blake like her lost cat, looking under furniture and behind doors while pathetically screaming out his name.

This is his analogy not mine.

Bachelor Pad 2: Ella Nolan has FIVE plastic surgery procedures in 1 day

Melissa is not scared to make shit awkward and she lays down and gives Holly the stink eye. Holly realizes that Melissa may go all single-white female on her and runs out as Melissa contemplates killing her with her lip gloss. There is definitely something loose upstairs. At this point in the show I am considering starting up a letter writing campaign complaining about the lack of Ames on this show. This guy is television gold — why is he not getting more screen time?

The next 20 minutes are spent with everyone scrambling around leaving gifts at Kermit and Ms. Thankfully, some people realize that it was a shitty, mean move. This is not war. And then it happens.

kirk and ella bachelor pad dating quotes

Kasey is on-screen, pulling up his sleeve and showing off his throbbing heart tattoo. She chose Kirk, and they are precious.

‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 2 Contestants: Where Are They Now?

They want to use the money to do great things, which made me like them even more. Their kiss was very romantic. Meanwhile, Erica was giving Blake a massage. Erica deserves credit in her strategy, because she will do whatever it takes. The next day, Blake's date card was delivered.

The Bachelor Expert: Bachelor Pad Episode 4: Kissing, Dissing, and War

It was unclear who he would be inviting. The options were Holly, Erica, and Melissa. Melissa truly believed she was going, even saying "We. Blake chose Holly, and Melissa's glaring began.

I do not know how the United States was not on an earthquake watch, a few weeks ago, because I thought the world was going to shatter. Melissa was infuriated, and cursed, being impolitic. Holly looked bemused, and Michael was in disbelief. Holly accepted the date invitation. Who would not want out of the house? Melissa called Holly names, and Michelle told her Holly was not the issue.

It was not Holly's plan to go on the date. Holly and Blake went on their date, and ended up skiing. They both ended up having a great time, and even said it was the best date ever.

Bachelor Pad 2: Ella Nolan has FIVE plastic surgery procedures in 1 day | Daily Mail Online

I feel bad when Michael had to hear that. They went on to stay the night, which broke Michael's heart again. He did not understand how Holly could do that to him, but the next day he created a date for them. This Holly, Michael, Blake triangle is difficult to watch.

If Holly cannot decide, she should take a step back and examine her feelings. The cocktail party was drama filled. Jake took the moral high ground, telling Kasey that it was 'amazing' to meet him - but not without adding that the group had made the wrong decision sending him home instead of his rival. He also gave his advice to the remaining contestants, pointedly telling them to start voting off the power couples.

After the dramatic scenes the gang embarked on a kissing contest, Blake seen here working his magic Puckering up: After Jake's exit, the rest of the contestants of the hit ABC show embarked on a blindfolded kissing competition, which was won by Ella and Blake. They got to go on a romantic one-on-one date as a result, with Ella choosing Kirk, while Blake chose Holly. Blake was the male winner of the kissing competition and he took Holly on a skiing date Getting her claws in: But Erica was also vying for Blake's attention and gave him a sexy massage Ella and Kirk went hot air ballooning while Blake and Holly went skiing, where sparks flew, much to the disgust of Holly's ex, Michael, who later begged her to get back together with him.