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With Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Ron Artest, Matt Wheeler. Project sees Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele in front of a live studio Ray Parker Jr. has some new songs, a man can't stop saying "deez nuts," Keegan has to call , and a young man learns about Negrotown. . Release Date: Sound Mix. Key & Peele is an American sketch comedy television series starring Keegan- Michael Key and While on a date, a biracial man gets confused as to when to use his "black" During the zombie apocalypse, a survivor is mixed up about what kind of Ordering at a soul food restaurant turns into a competition between two. Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele and Director/Producer Peter Atencio where Keegan is a biracial guy on a date with a girl at a restaurant and he hand, you could read it as a focus on biracial existence or the mixed life.

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For the upcoming presidential electionPresident Obama uses his anger "translator" to remind America he took down Osama bin Laden. A rap singer's music video chronicles him getting shot in the penis. Two wise, old black men use their magical powers to battle for the rights as " Magical Negroes " to advise a young man going through hard times. A passenger messes with his driver when he thinks the driver isn't really listening to him. Jaden Smith fails to properly understand the script his agent is pitching him.

News anchor Rex Chamber's overblown story about a missing white baby is cut short when the baby is found. One half of a gay couple isn't nearly as excited as his partner is after the legalization of gay marriage.

When no one cares about Rex Chamber's report on a missing black baby, he provides an update on the previously missing white baby. President Obama uses reverse psychology to get a group of Republicans to agree with his policies. Two co-workers' fake-out game of "You've got something on your shirt" turns epic. A wedding guest and a DJ have differing opinions on old school music.

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A snobbish barbecue guest is horrified that the grass-fed Kobe beef he brought is being treated like common hamburger. Two black friends at a bar are repeatedly bothered by people afflicted with white guilt. In the promo for an upcoming MMA match, one fighter is unnerved by his opponent's smack talk.

Ordering at a soul food restaurant turns into a competition between two customers. A man finds himself constantly cockblocked by his friend. Two girlfriends coo over what they would do to the cute puppy they see in a shop window. In a Bobby McFerrin vs. Michael Winslow mouth noise-off, only one can survive. An offhand remark leads a man to be snapped up by the Tea Party as their token black spokesperson.

A husband quickly learns to never again take a cellphone snapshot of his wife waking up; later, when he comes home, his negligee-wearing wife entices him to reveal a final fantasy. A pair of military recruiters go clubbing to reach a new demographic.

A man feels the need to sing his feelings about his friend to him. During their tour of an apartment, a couple discovers that the neighbourhood isn't quite "turning around" the way they thought it was. His album cover has a bloody nose.

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You guys are working on a project with Judd Apatow? So we had to sort of, do that for a second. Do you keep an Archive?

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Do they go to SNL? We call it Camp Awesome. Sometimes they get pulled up to the big leagues. But we must have written over sketches, easy. But did it go significantly further at some point?

Or was it always about the level that we saw on screen? So we would have done it. And also, there was two triggers for it. So why would that happen to this president?

And I think that manifested itself in wish fulfillment and manifested itself in this scene. I was reading that you also do Obama. Have you ever considered dueling Obamas or switching it around? Sometimes we go places and Peele will go through the door before me so, if he gets shot I just walk on through. A universal human experience that happens to be framed in a particular culture. This happens to everyone. So that type of interplay, on the one hand, you could read it as a focus on biracial existence or the mixed life.

But the reality is that sketch can play for any guy. Like, the train had left the station.