Joel west and casey noble dating

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joel west and casey noble dating

Casey Noble is the wife of Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews. Designer Casey Noble and licensed contractor Joel West team up to deliver creative, READ NEXT: Aaron Rodgers' Ex Girlfriend & Dating History. Bukharian dating s likely to produce a knowing smile and some Yiddishe nachas. Jewish Humor Central is a daily publication to start your day with news of the. It was a surprise to see Casey Noble get the boot this week from HGTV's Design Star. With her . I should've just put a north, south, east, west.

When Vern told us we were going to have helpers, I figured we would have similar helpers as we had during the white box challenge, which was great, but they were there to just be construction support. It was a much bigger blessing to be given someone who was a design resource too.

Behind the Scenes: HGTV's Design on a Dime Etsy Episode | 17 Apart

Both you and Emily Henderson were hoarse during this challenge. What happened to your voices? I sound like a year old smoker! It made the hosting presentation difficult and made just talking to the judges difficult.

Clay Matthews’s Wife Casey Noble And Rumored Girlfriend Kristi

You were able to do a video chat with your husband Peter Sarantos. Did you think that helped, to get a momentary bit of support, or did that make you miss him more and bum you out the next few days?

What it did for his fun level was totally invaluable. When we watched it, we probably watched that part ten times. As contestants, we talked about whether or not we wanted to speak with anybody from home—is that distracting or not?

It was just awesome to talk to him. Did you say he was planning his outfit? That would be my husband! I really loved your art piece in the white box challenge. What did you make that out of?

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We went to Pearl River to shop for that challenge and they had a lot of natural elements there. There were these knotty, twisted pieces of wood sticking out of a basket. I literally just screwed them right into the wall.

joel west and casey noble dating

When shopping on a budget, you have to think about products and items out of context. You remained in the background through most of the earlier challenges.

Designed To The Nines | Interview With Casey Noble

Were there elements that you were responsible for that you wish had gotten more airtime? My role for the first half of the season—maybe more—was very much as a team player. There were many moments during the judging segments when you seemed shocked out of your gourd to win or receive compliments. Why were you so shocked? Did you see my face? I was like a deer in headlights. Going into the judging studio, I was never really expecting to win.

joel west and casey noble dating

It was a really a great thing to know, that given these kinds of restraints, we were actually able to pull it off. Watching the other contestants react to that environment was awesome.

There were so many different types of designers there. For instance, Emily is a prop stylist. It was a really cool to see how she thought and how different it was than the way that I think. She does something that is entirely different from what I do. She really deals with the last ten percent—that icing on top. She knows how to make a room feel like a real room in a really beautiful way. Casey and Emily size up a desk for their fourth challenge, while Stacey Cohen looks on. Before the season started, you mentioned on your blog that you would never repeat this experience.

We base our livelihoods on our reputations and we were risking our professional reputations by going on the show. Now that everything is done and over, I have really fond memories of it.

I think I was speaking prematurely. I found out on Facebook that you have a few tattoos. Did you make a conscious decision to hide them from the camera? December 9, Behind the Scenes: Well I promised a follow up and I'm finally excited to share more details!

We collaborated with the episode in a way where several items from Etsy sellers were selected and featured in an L. I was at the taping of the episode to help answer any questions about the items featured and Etsy in general while the filming took place among a few other behind the scenes tasks.

I'd never been out to L.

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Once we pulled up to the makeover house, the backyard looked just like a scene from the show — tents popped up with building stations and camera equipment everywhere: Once inside the home, I got a chance to meet the hosts of the show — Casey Noble who you may recognize as a Design Star finalist and Joel West.

The home was in a state of mid-makeover madness — Casey was going over plans for the design and organizing the featured Etsy items sent in by Etsy sellers while Joel was in the midst of one of the room's larger focal points you'll have to wait and see. The room's overall vibe was a mix of an industrial and vintage feel. Both Casey and Joel, along with the entire production crew, were incredibly nice and down to earth. I couldn't have been more impressed — everyone was really excited to talk about Etsy.