Harry and ginny dating after the war fanfiction

First Date Series: Harry & Ginny, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

harry and ginny dating after the war fanfiction

Ron: Harry, actually can I have a word? Harry: I guess. Ron and Harry walked into the hallway? Ron: I told you, you and Ginny can't date! Harry. In the aftermath of the final battle, lives become whole again in the absence of fear as After Voldemort's defeat Harry wants a sandwich, a nap, and Ginny, not . All stories of which Harry is with Ginny and Ron is with Hermione. It is the day after the Battle of Hogwarts and Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny, along with the rest of the Wizarding World must . "How long have you and Harry been dating?.

She wasn't nervous for the night, they had done before, once during the Easter holidays but she was nervous because she didn't know if she could get away with it, and if not, well Harry was an unlucky bugger because all her brothers would go after him.

Romance after War Chapter 1: Together after war, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

Get your bag and come down, you don't want to be late. Ginny rushed down the stairs with her bag and jumped into Harry's arms. She caught him off guard and Harry stumbled but remained stood up. Are we going to be late? Good-bye Mrs Weasley, we'll see you tomorrow at about 2pm. She accepted and started to walk out the door with her boyfriend. Ginny didn't turn pink or give off any sign that she knew what her mother was talking about, even if she was fully aware.

They arrived at Grimmauld place much to Ginny's surprise. She of course knew nothing of what the night consisted of before her plan came into action, apparently Kreacher had prepare an amazing 3 course meal for the couple.

This was a welcomed change to restaurants as it meant they wouldn't be stared at while she and Harry were having a romantic moment at some in a crowded room, which was always the case whenever they went out.

She smiled and turned to Harry and gave him a sweet kiss. He pulled up a chair for her and they begun their date. Harry just looked sheepish as he turned to face her. I want to spend that time with you. She was amazing and they could just talk for hours. She made him laugh and forget all the bad that have ever been in his life, which meant a lot to the young adult.

He had guessed what Ginny had planned for tonight, it was one of the reasons he chose to stay at Grimmauld place. In Harry's eyes they were perfectly allowed to do what they wanted, especially now that Ginny had finished school and was mere tryouts away from becoming a professional quidditch player.

He was no longer a trainee Auror; they were both adults.

What they did during the Easter holidays did affect his conscience, it's not that he regretted it, but he felt Ginny was a bit too young then. Even if it was only a few months ago. The evening went smoothly and involved a lot of kisses, hand holding and travelling feet under the table, once they finished the meal Ginny's plan went perfectly and they… thoroughly enjoyed each other's company that night.

Ginny loosen up and stopped feeling nervous and happily fell asleep in Harry's arm but she really should have been nervous, for the next morning did not go as smoothly. Harry woke up first and being the lovely boyfriend that he was he went down stairs to make Ginny a cup of tea. Went he returned to the bedroom Ginny was wearing Harry's old quidditch jumper which was barely covering her perky behind.

harry and ginny dating after the war fanfiction

Smiling at his gorgeous girlfriend, Harry gave her a passionate kiss and handed Ginny her tea. She merely placed the mug on the bed side table and instead dragged Harry onto the bed where she continued to kiss him. So Harry decided after three horrible weeks after that horrible tragedy at Hogwarts, he will get back with Ginny So Harry went to sleep.

Next Morning Harry woke up very early and went downstairs, luckly for him Ginny was also awake early. Ginny was sitting on the couch reading some book while watching some Muggle Tv. Harry went up to her and sat next to her. Ginny was suddenly shocked and jumped right off the couch. As she was snogging with him, Harry could feel Ginny's tears drop onto his face, so Harry whipped all the tears in her eyes.

She then continued snogging Harry even more passionatly with her arms around his neck, while Harry had his tongue in her throat and had his arms around her waist. Harry held her tightly and pecked her on the cheek.

Ginny then realized she was tired, pushed harry back on the couch, and she fell asleep. Harry decided to join her and fell asleep as well. A few hours ago It was midnight at the Weasly's and Ron was asleep on his bed in the attic with Hermione in the bed next to him.

Hermione woke up and decided she couldn't sleep alone. So Hermione got out of her bed and went over to Rons. Unfortunatly Ron woke up imediatly after Hermione got in his bed. It starts soon, so we should go now. Harry sideapparated them to the theatre and bought them two tickets. They then watched the movie. The entire time Ginny's eyes were wide with amusement.

This is so cool! She whispered during the movie. Harry smiled and took her hand. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Ginny looked at Harry's watch. Is that the time? I'm sorry Harry, but I have to go. Stop by anytime, ok? Smiled Ginny, she kissed his cheek, then apparated to her room. There you are, hey, I'm sorry for being mean earlier, but you need to hurry, you have a date with Dean.

Ginny walked over to her calendar. It's been a month! So, you said I could break up with him after a month. I don't remember that!

Well, you did Ron. Dean knocked on the door. Ginny went downstairs and answered the door.

So, you ready for the pick nick? Dean had noticed Ginny wasn't very interested in him, so he got a plan.

harry and ginny dating after the war fanfiction

Dean rolled out a blanket in Ginny's backyard and they sat out and looked up at the stars. Dean gave Ginny a drink.