Gray and farrar dating agency

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gray and farrar dating agency

GROWING fears of falling victim to internet dating fraud is fuelling a surge of But now global exclusive matchmaking company - Gray & Farrar. THE TIMES - Feb 11 - Gray & Farrar is the high-end matchmaking agency that makes discreet matches for the Dating Agencies For The Wealthy Are Booming . Our clients belong to an unashamedly select group of international people. They expect the best and we don't disappoint. Quintessentially British but with a truly.

Elite Matchmaking Industry Scandals And False Accusations | Ikon London

This is simply not true. They are not the ones who interviewed you.

gray and farrar dating agency

I have gone out with a handful of men whose age was inaccurate. Sure, these men might like to fudge their age.

gray and farrar dating agency

And sell themselves years younger on a date or over the phone. The particular agency in question was — not surprisingly — swift to response.

Having its reputation at stake they responded to our enquiries with the enclosed statement.

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Google have sanctioned that they appear to have been falsified and therefore released the contact details of the reviewers to us last month and so further steps are being taken.

They have not been written by bona fide clients of ours but clearly I am not at liberty to expand any further than this at the moment.

gray and farrar dating agency

Neither is Gray and Farrar permitted to respond to the reviews online within the Google Places area, as our competitors have done with their bad reviews. As to the Association of British Introduction Agencies — yes there is one and it is run entirely by matchmakers themselves — they were seemingly less preoccupied with the reputation of the industry and were unavailable to provide any commentary or statistics of complaints.

Here are the three best dating and matchmaking online platforms for you to pick from.

  • The millionaire matchmakers
  • ‘Romance fraud’ at all-time high as professionals pay £15k a year to find love
  • Elite Matchmaking Industry – Intrigues, ‘False Accusations’ And Cash

Targeted at the young, rich and successful, these platforms are a great place to meet like-minded individuals looking for meaningful relationships. Go ahead, upgrade your love life. This matchmaker has an extremely strict vetting process, making it available only to a niche and wealthy audience.

Date seekers pay £15k a year for love to avoid increase of dating fraud |

The vetting and matching process is manual and not driven by a computer programme. Selections are made from a pool of like-minded and financially equal individuals. The website offers limited information and allows you to receive more information or set up a personal consultation meeting, once you fill out a simple form.

gray and farrar dating agency

As a premium matchmaking platform that takes on only a selected few as clients, the fee is suitably steep. The app is widely used by entrepreneurs, investors, celebrities, models, and artists, among others.

gray and farrar dating agency

It enables you to swipe through profiles and chat with other users whom you might find interesting. If all of this were not enough, you can also opt for the special Luxy Black service, which is a step ahead of the regular services on offer.

Luxy Black comes with a ton of additional features to make your search simpler and more fruitful. Simply put, it is an app for millionaires to connect with other millionaires.