Glee fanfiction rachel and quinn secretly dating when you are with someone else

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Brittany knows a secret, but somebody might have forgotten to tell her a tiny detail about secret keeping. "I said. If it were. Rachel and Quinn would be dating." "If s -sex were? "Yeah, they hate each other," Tina said quietly. Rachel and Quinn were secretly dating all throughout season 1 you just didn't realize. well okay she seen the star shining off the page and some pink goo She walked to the other side of the school building and snuck into. That's how long Rachel Berry had been dating Quinn Fabray. In a lot of ways, things When Rachel rode with Puck, they turned the music on so loud they received glares from the other drivers. If anyone asks, Quinn won't deny our relationship. We're "So you'll secretly cheer for me at all of my games?".

Yup, definitely a lion, especially with that mane of hers. My adorable, smart, gorgeous- Rachel's inner monologue is interrupted when another bang is heard in the kitchen. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, what if it's a burglar? I can't die yet! I'm too young and my fame is just beginning to rise! Should I wake up Quinn?

Caught, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

She'll protect me, and she'll rip the burglar to shreds with her claws and super sharp- okay, okay no more lion Quinn fantasies. What if… what if it's Kurt?!

Crap… Up until now Rachel had completely forgotten of Kurt and how he easily could have heard her and Quinn. She got up and decided that she should make sure that Kurt hadn't seen or heard any of the activities that occurred last night. She was about to walk out the door when she noticed that she was still very much naked from her upper half, without looking she grabbed her bra and a sweater and put them on. She walked into the kitchen and saw that Kurt was cooking breakfast and looked very tired and his hair was a mess, he normally didn't have his hair looking like he had just had sex.

Wait, and that shirt is definitely not his. It just came to me, and I had to write it. Sorry to the Finchel fans, but this is a fanfic about Faberry. If you don't like Faberry, I'm sorry, but you could give it a shot, maybe? I watched as she walked towards me. Today she wore a navy blue dress and she looked gorgeous, as usual.

Oh, there's my heart, beating crazily. I smiled back, probably not as prettily though, "Hi Rachel. I was so glad Rachel had forgiven me and we'd become friends at the end of last year. Now it was senior year, our last year together. I leaned against my locker as she practically attacked me, hugging me tightly, saying three words that made my heart soar, "Its a date.

I hugged her back, feeling the warmth of her body while I thought about how much I wished the 'date' was a real one. She pulled back, ending the hug. She was still smiling at me.

glee fanfiction rachel and quinn secretly dating when you are with someone else

She opened her mouth to say something else, when she saw something behind me and her face fell immediately. I quickly turned, seeing none other than Finn Hudson. He nodded in her direction, not looking up or meeting her gaze. She turned back to me. That cost us Nationals, but I was kinda glad.

Glee Finn turns down Quinn for Rachel 2x02

Jesse saw the kiss, so he broke up with Rachel. And Finn got happy because that meant Rachel was single, but she wasted no time telling him that she didn't want to be with him.

So while Santana freaked out and everyone was upset, I grumbled along with them, but inside my heart was jumping and going crazy. Rachel is still single, so that's good news. But it got her to smile back, so Anyways, I've tried to be his friend, but he still hasn't accepted it. I swear, he only wants to be with me when he can't have me.

glee fanfiction rachel and quinn secretly dating when you are with someone else

Give him time to realize how stupid he was to let you go in the first place. I just realized he left her for me. Of course he later left me for her, but that wasn't the point. I looked at her, studying her reaction. Last year was just terrible. Let's just forget it, put it behind us, and move on. That bell hates me. What did I ever do to it? Rachel smiled at me once more. Of course, when I want time to go by quickly, it does the opposite.

And probably just to annoy me. I was sitting at my deskalternately glancing at the teacher, the other students, the door, and the clock. It was second period, but time was still going too slow for my taste. Finally the bell rang, ending my internal panic attack. I rushed to the door, towards the choir room for my favorite period: I slowed when I neared the door, peeking inside to see only one person inside.

I walked in, head held high, hands on hips. I sat down by Rachel, my favorite person ever. Coming from her mouth, it sounded so special. We sat in comfortable silence, me occasionally sneaking looks at her. She didn't seem to notice, except once she was looking at me. We grinned in embarrassment that we'd been caught by the other.

Before either of us could say or do anything else, the other gleeks streamed into the room, all talking loudly and laughing as they took their seats. Schue came in right before the tardy bell rang and sat down on the piano bench. I know for some of you this is your senior year, so lets make it the best and really work hard to win Nationals. So we still have a few months until Sectionals in November since its only September. Usually, the duets were followed by much drama. I exchanged a look with Sam, but we are kinda friends now so it wasn't as awkward as you'd think.

She just never thought Rachel would enjoy it so much. This is based off the whole geek Quinn idea, which I love. I'll try to update before the end of the weekend but I can't make any promises. Quinn's Out of This World Secret Rachel was literally bouncing with excitement at the prospect of learning something about Quinn that she didn't already know.

The two had been dating for eight months — a new record for Rachel — and Quinn had finally decided it was time for her to reveal to Rachel something she had never revealed to anyone else.

She didn't tell Finn or Puck or talk about it with her mom but she knew. She didn't tell Sam or San, or Brittany or Sue. But Rachel was different. Quinn walked into her closet. She reached up on her tippy toes to reach a box that was placed out of view. It wasn't a huge box, but it wasn't tiny either. She carried it over to her bed and turned to her girlfriend. It might be slightly so if it is pornography, but I'm sure you don't need any of that when you have me. All kidding aside, she took a deep breath and opened the box.

Rachel looked into the box and then at Quinn. The deep dark secret Quinn had was Star Wars.

Glee fanfiction rachel and quinn secretly dating

You could definitely say Rachel was less than impressed. This is a really big deal to me. These movies are like my life. I absolutely love Star Wars. Maybe more than you.

I've never seen these. Can we watch them? That must be why you brought me over tonight — well, I'm sure you would have seeked out my company anyway, but you must want to watch them.