Cbc online dating facts and figures

cbc online dating facts and figures

CBC News Online is the CBC's motorrijder.info news website. Launched in , it was named one of the most popular news websites in. In the film The War At Home, we learn the shocking statistics behind domestic violence in Canada. Read about what inspired director Shelly Saywell to shift her . With more and more people relying on online dating to meet a partner, the act of Here are some more facts worth knowing about anemia symptoms and treatments. After taking a sample, doctors calculate the complete blood count, or CBC.

Tapes of aired or produced documentaries, interviews and entertainment programs were also aired widely. Selected television sports coverage, including that of the Canadian Football Leaguecontinued, but without commentary.

As before, French-language staff outside of Quebec were also affected by the lockout, although with Quebec producing the bulk of the French networks' programming, those networks were not as visibly affected by the dispute apart from local programs. Cultural significance[ edit ] In the s the CBC provided hands-on training and employment for actors, writers, and directors in the developing field of its television dramatic services.

The CBC also had the only national radio network. Its cultural impact was therefore significant since many Canadians had little or no choice for their information and entertainment other than from these two powerful media outlets.

Even after the introduction of commercial television and radio, the CBC has remained one of the main elements in Canadian popular culture through its obligation to produce Canadian television and radio programming.

cbc online dating facts and figures

The CBC has made programs for mass audiences and for smaller audiences interested in drama, performance arts, documentaries, current affairs, entertainment and sport. The CBC's cultural influence, like that of many public broadcasters, has decreased in recent decades.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

This is partly due to severe budget cuts by the Canadian federal government, which began in the late s and levelled off in the late s. It is also due to industry-wide fragmentation of television audiences the decline of network television generally, due to the rise in specialty channel viewership, as well as the increase of non-television entertainment options such as video games, the Internet, etc. Private networks in Canada face the same competition, but their viewership is declining more slowly than CBC Television's.

In English-speaking Canada, the decline in CBC viewership can be partly attributed to popularity of private television networks' rebroadcast of American programming with substituted Canadian advertising.

American programs appear to attract higher audiences than do much of the made-in-Canada programming that is a CBC specialty. Viewership on the CBC's French television network has also declined, mostly because of stiff competition from private French-language networks.

Audience fragmentation is another issue. If the nest serves them well during the breeding season, they'll keep using it year after year.

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And, like all homeowners, they can't resist the thought of renovating and adding to their abode. Every year, they'll spruce it up with a whopping foot or two of new material.

cbc online dating facts and figures

On average, bald eagle nests are feet deep and feet wide. But one pair of eagles near St. The nest weighed over two tons. Male gorillas, for example, dwarf their female counterparts. But for most birds of prey, it's the opposite.

Male bald eagles weigh about 25 percent less than females. Scientists aren't sure why there's such a size difference.

cbc online dating facts and figures

One reason might be the way they divide up their nesting duties. Females take the lead in arranging the nesting material, so being bigger might help them take charge. Also, they spend longer incubating the eggs than males, so their size could intimidate would-be egg thieves.

If you're trying to tell male and female eagles apart, this size difference may help you—especially since both sexes have the same plumage patterns. Here's a handy identification tip. Bald eagles usually soar with their wings almost flat. On the other hand, the turkey vulture—another dark, soaring bird—holds its wings up in a shallow V shape called a dihedral.

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A lot of large hawks also soar with slightly raised wings. But with settlement came habitat destruction, and the settlers viewed the eagles as competition for game and as a threat to livestock.

So many eagles were killed that in Congress passed an act to protect the birds. Unfortunately, another threat rose up at about that time. The chemical worked well to eradicate mosquitos and agricultural pests—but as it traveled up the food chain, it began to heavily affect birds of prey.

DDT made eagle eggshells too thin and caused the eggs to break. A survey found just bald eagle pairs in the lower 48 states.

cbc online dating facts and figures

DDT was banned in the early s, and conservationists began to breed bald eagles in captivity and reintroduce them in places across America. Luckily, this species made a spectacular recovery. Now the lower 48 states boast over nesting pairs. The African fish eagle is a relative of the North American bald eagle.

This bird lives throughout much of the northern hemisphere. But the bald eagle is only found in North America. It lives across much of Canada and the U. Though it may be North American, the bald eagle has seven close relatives that are found throughout the world. They all belong to the genus Haliaeetus, which comes—pretty unimaginatively—from the Latin words for "sea" and "eagle. It represents several countries; for example, it's the national symbol of Zambia, and graces the South SudaneseMalawianand Namibian coats of arms.

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While flying, bald eagles sometimes grab each other's feet and spin while plummeting to the earth. Scientists aren't sure why they do this—perhaps it's a courtship ritual or a territorial battle.

Usually, the pair will separate before hitting the ground as seen in this remarkable set of photographs. But sometimes they hold tight and don't let go.