Big brother shelli and clay dating advice

big brother shelli and clay dating advice

Clay Honeycutt of Big Brother 17 is a treat on the eyes but, as far as game However, his backseat driving of Shelli's game, coupled with his They just spoon each other and whisper about how perfect their teeth are as they share haircare tips. For all the up-to-date info on the Big Brother cast, as well as. TRY the Big Brother 17 Live Feeds FREE for 1 WEEK: In the kitchen – Steve, Becky, Shelli and Clay are talking about the “BB takeover” last. And even though Shelli called Clay her Knight in Shining Armor during the episode, not going to let anything come between their relationship or their alliance.

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He keeps saying she needs to, and she begins to cry. The tears become a sexy cry as Meg launches herself toward Clay and he puts his hands around her waist. She runs her hands through his hair and face when BBScandal appears across the lower screen.

He just kinda nods along. The shining goes on everywhere—the bathroom, the pitch-black bedroom, the kitchen—wherever Jackie goes. No campaigning, not against each other, no way.

big brother shelli and clay dating advice

Clay plans to throw his entire game to ensure Shelli goes far. He begins to tell the house throughout the week leading up to eviction night that he wants everyone to vote him out. Begrudgingly, the house just might go along. Vanessa confronts Shelli about James saying that Clay and Shelli came to him saying a shit ton about the Sixth Sense, Austin, and their entire alliance. Outside, the six of them: Shelli says she loves them so much.

Vanessa, Austin and Liz all discuss Shelli.

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A lot hangs in the air. How will the house vote? Julie Chen sends each player, one by one, into the diary room to cast their vote. Up next is Jason. Jeff asks Jason so what does tickle your fanny? Jason says had less action than most of them in here.

big brother shelli and clay dating advice

Austin then takes a call. Day calls in and asks what type of man Jason likes. Jason says he likes any man more masculine then him. Next guest is Meg.

Liz “My relationship advice is don’t go after the Jace’s of the world they’re crazy as f**k!”

Austin asks what was your first disappointment in life. Meg says I forgot the question? Jeff asks why do you like old men? Meg says I do tend to like older men. Meg says she has had one relationship with a guy that was older. Liz is up next. Jeff asks about former love fling that exited the house. How did that make you feel. I guess I lead him on a little bit but him moping around the house really turned me off.

Liz says my type is anyone and everyone that acts like Stephan. Clay says maybe its the HOH is havenot. Becky says and has to wear a chicken costume. Shelli says she would be fine wearing a chicken costume.

Steve asks Shelli to think about what she wants to write in her HOH blog before you do it.

Liz "My relationship advice is don't go after the Jace's of the world they're crazy as f**k!"

Liz says before this I was like Meg, I dating a guy that was Well we went on two dates. Liz says Becky dated a guy for 6 months that was 52 and has two kids. Austin asks did he have money. Liz says he own an advertising agency. How come the guys in here have no chance. Austin asks Liz do you like good guys or bad boys?

big brother shelli and clay dating advice

Liz says she Shelli would have told Meg. They have no loyalties to us. Austin says they could even put me up. We should talk to Shelli one more time. Liz says if you really want someone gone you should put up a pawn to make sure that person goes home. Liz says my real target is James. Austin says me too.

big brother shelli and clay dating advice

Austin says Jeff wants to work with us because he has a sweet tooth for you. Austin says and its breaking up his alliance. Unfortunately I think Day is going home. I came in here thinking I would be the gay glue to keep the girls together. Steve and Shelli join them. The conversation turns to talking about cruise ships and jobs.

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Becky talks about theft and managing staff at Abercrombie. Clay says that Shelli and Audrey were grilling me on how I would know what it smells like.

Liz says it looked like pancake mix but it was way too small of an amount to save. Shelli asks how are you and Audrey? Shelli says I think that if she did win HOH I think we would be able to talk to her and you would be okay. Jeff says I feel good about our group. They talk about Johnny Mac being so loyal. Jeff says I knew Johnny Mac would be our secret weapon.

Clay joins them and says he feels really good about with everyone right now. No one has any idea Johnny Mac is with us.

Shelli says some people might put him up as a pawn a lot but we just have to make sure we save him. Clay asks when are you going to talk to Meg? Shelli says tomorrow morning. Shelli asks is this now officially legit an alliance.

Jeff says we just need to come up with a name. Jason says next week I am not playing she Audrey is going.