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beauty and the beast 2x03 online dating

Beauty and the Beast wiki team makes every effort to maintain professional No. Image, Title, Directed by, Written by, U.S. viewers (million), Original air date. The Largest Collection of TV spoilers and show information for the most popular shows on TV. But hey the show is called Beauty and the Beast. . He avoids the question by asking Cat about their first date. .. Cant wait to read 2x).

The scene was so charged, in the best possible way. Finally, they start talking about the famous Turkey and avocado sandwich and he offers to make her something to eat.

He is caught with his hand in the picnic basket by Tess. Seriously… if you are gonna spend so much money on creating mercenary beasts; at the very least train them on some crime committing basics! Gee… While Vincent prepares a sandwich and talks about 90s pop culture, he explains he remembers facts but has no personal memories. He avoids the question by asking Cat about their first date. Cat gives him the lowdown on their non-traditional relationship. Also… I think chemistry is something that either is there or it is not.

They could be playing archenemies instead of a couple and the chemistry would still be there. Cat tells the story as he moves closer.

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She tells him she was hoping re-experiencing some things might trigger his memories. It starts a little pushy but then it becomes hot… like he is just shaking his head in order to keep kissing her.

He also looks like he is being hit by every imaginable emotion, which is great. Vincent and Cat are lying in bed. Not the right time. However, Vincent is all for the idea of giving it another go just in case. He does tell her he is just restraining her because he is afraid she would follow him and get hurt. I really think he tied her back to the chair to protect her. At that point, Gabe somehow manages to convince Tess and JT that it is a good idea for him to go alone to the boat.

That is seriously taking Stockholm syndrome to the next level. Gabe suggests Vincent is a hired assassin and that Carlos hired him to kill Gina, which sort of made sense at the time. So, Vincent meets Gina at a club. She and her girlfriends are more than pleased with how the internet date turned out. Vincent confronts Cat and accuses her of being jealous. And now it is time for: This week we have: Kill druglord relatives and get paid by other druglords. Whatever happened to good old fashion cartel assassins?

So… Cartel Beast is hitting on Gina, but he is nowhere near as hot as Vincent, so he is not having much success. These beasts are seriously bad killers! Why does Gabe have a badge? While Cat processes everything that happened [there are more beasts!

Aw… he is finally learning to cover his tracks after killing people… progress justnotintherightthingbutprogress. Tess finds JT at a bar and joins him for a drink. He was a part of his life since they were little kids!

beauty and the beast 2x03 online dating

He kept his secret for over a decade and yes, Cat loves Vincent; but JT does too. Cat goes up to the roof and finds Vincent who is there to return her phone, take a rain check on the picnic and apologize for the whole kidnapping thing.

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Vincent gets upset and in classic Cat fashion she pushes even further. I think what happened here is that Vincent 2.

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What follows is probably one of the most controversial scenes of the show. Cat keeps pushing as Vincent is clearly losing control. She grabs his arm and he turns around in beast mode shoving Catherine and sends her flying to the floor. He reverts to human form and it is clear that he regrets it the second it happened. He apologizes and jumps out of the roof.

A broken Cat goes to see Gabe and acknowledges that her beast is really a beast.

beauty and the beast 2x03 online dating

I guess she thought Tess would get too protective and JT had a conflict of interests. So… I have complex feelings about that last Vincat scene [as everyone]. Let's be clear, I am NOT justifying what he did but Cat had been kidding herself, thinking that they could just pick up where they left off, regardless of the amnesia. So far… Vincent had the upper hand. He had the benefit of not remembering and therefore not caring [as much].

I think that situation was beginning to change, but Cat was still the one trying to convince him to trust her. This scene effectively reversed the roles. Suddenly it would have to be V making amends and winning her over. It also established the dynamic for the rest of the season, where V needs to earn his humanity [and Cat] back. Finally, it made Cat come to the realization that this man is not the perfect man she lost. This is a dangerous man and her love would need to overcome that fact.

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Season Two

Instead it returns GMT. Dane is known for his use of observational, continually vulgar, and sometimes dark comedy, and this man also has credited as one of the first comedians.

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