Are kristen alderson and brandon buddy dating

Who is Brandon Buddy dating? Brandon Buddy girlfriend, wife

are kristen alderson and brandon buddy dating

Kristen Alderson and Brandon Buddy photos, news and gossip. Find out more about. They're not dating. He's about 5 years older than her. Several years ago at a SuperSoap Weekend, he wouldn't even have his pic taken with. My Favorite Couple on OLTL Brandon Buddy (Cole) & Kristen Alderson (Starr).

Alderson as Starr later shot a music video for the song featuring James. Rick, fearing Starr's original video was not racy enough capitalizes on Starr's recent arrest for helping Todd Howarth escape jail, and convinces her to record the song "Jail Bait" and another video featuring Nate fueling rumors that they are sleeping together.

Early on in their relationship, the couple faces off with the mean girl, Britney Jennings originally Katrina Bowdenthen Portia Reiners who sets out to ruin Starr after Cole rejects her in favor of Starr; Britney's torture starts with teasing Starr about her parents.

Britney goes so far as to dose Cole with steroids which leads to him attacking Starr at a party. With everything in the world against them, Starr and Cole realize their love for one another on prom night in This causes tension between Starr and Langston who believes she can understand Cole more because she has dealt with losing her parents. Starr does not like that Langston thinks she knows Cole better than she [Starr] does and becomes a bit overprotective.

According to Alderson's costar, Brittany Underwood Langston"Starr hates not being able to relate or understand the way Langston can understand Cole. Think about sex and decide how important it is to you You can always say 'no,' even if you've said 'yes' before — it's your decision. To coincide with the storyline, Alderson started a blog on the official ABC Daytime website in which she discussed her take on the storyline, and the issues of teen sex and pregnancy, and Starr's choices, as well the consequences of those choices.

Alderson's blog launched on March 7, What is the show trying to do through the teen pregnancy story line? The statistics are insane! So just to get people to be like, You know, I should have a plan before I have sex. Did Starr ever expect she would get pregnant at 16? Kroll, Alderson described the plot as being "a very adult storyline… It's a very big issue and we feel very honored to be doing such a powerful storyline and hopefully educate some viewers about teenage pregnancy because it's a very big issue and it [can be] scary.

Kramer discussed the campaign's history with ABC and also gave some facts about the storyline: The audience saw her dealing with so many of the things that girls in her situation deal with — finding out she's pregnant, telling the first friend, trying to keep it from her parents, [deciding] how she and her boyfriend were going to deal with it, how it will impact their relationship, and the way she felt when her body started changing.

If it's just an hour-long drama, a lot of the nuances are left out. ByCole is struggling with a drug addiction and Starr's attempts to help him deal start to bring them closer together. For May SweepsStarr's storyline involves the investigation into her late daughter, Hope 's mysterious death. Starr finally learns the truth [that her child was switched at birth by her cousin Jessica Bree Williamson 's alternate personality, Bess, when Jessica's baby is stillborn] and she is finally reunited with daughter.

However, Starr is now faced with a tough decision, "Do I keep her?

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Or, do I still give her to Marcie Kathy Brier? They have really realized that they need each other to help one another out. They are putting that on hold while they have so much to deal with. During Starr's time away from Cole, she develops a crush on her biology teacher, Schuyler Joplin Scott Cliftonthe son of the woman who delivered baby Hope, the late Dr. Leah Joplin Maureen Mueller. Alderson revealed that when her character suddenly begins falling for Schuyler, she is on the rebound because she is missing Cole.

Langston is her best friend, but at the same time, Cole was going through terrible times like Starr was. Alderson stated that Starr's attraction to her teacher developed "out of desperation. Alderson describes Starr's life as being blown apart. Starr and Cole at the time are juggling being parents finishing high school, and their lives appear to be "settling down," — enter Hannah.

are kristen alderson and brandon buddy dating

Something innocent gets blown out of proportion, and then when Marty's pushed down the stairs, Cole automatically thinks it's Todd. It's been upsetting for Starr. Gregorythe man Langston is cheating on Markko with. When James and Starr are forced to go on the run together, they fall for one another very quickly. When asked if Starr would get revenge on Hannah for interfering with her relationship with Cole, Alderson revealed that Starr is more focused on whether Cole will be able to make it to the prom.

Starr's trust in her father, " Todd " Trevor St. John that Hannah is responsible for Cole's mother, Marty miscarriage, while Cole blames "Todd" thanks to Hannah's accusations.

Cole taking Hannah's side when Marty miscarries only makes matters worse. Starr knows Hannah intends to win Cole for herself forcing Starr to fight for Cole. According to Alderson, Cole and Starr are forced to grow up very fast, while their parents continue acting like children, in order to deal with all the issues they face, including the tension between their parents, and becoming teenage parents.

Despite them being forced into adulthood, Starr sees their senior prom as sort of a full-circle event, because prom is where it all began for them. Alderson compares her attraction to James to her prior attraction to Schuyler; because Cole is going to be in jail for the next several years, Starr leans on James. Alderson revealed that James being around Starr's age would be a real threat to her relationship with Cole "because unlike Schuyler, this is what James wants.

Schuyler did not want to get with Starr at any point. He felt feelings for her like a friend. He cared about her, but James not only cares about Starr; he really does have feelings for her and wants to be with her.

The relationship is quickly threatened with the introduction of James's ex-girlfriend, Deanna and Starr's music producer, Baz Moreau.

Baz seems to have feelings for Starr, but she quickly rejects him because she is dating James. After causing a bit of trouble for the couple, and breaking up Starr's sister Danielle's relationship with Nate, Deena leaves town.

Upon the serial's cancellation, many began speculate that Cole would return to the series in time for the finale. However, the show is forced to abandon those plans and quickly recast the role with actor Van Hughes due to Buddy being unable to continue taping.

However, many wondered what would happen to Cole and Hope. Viewers are shocked in late February when Starr survives a fatal car accident that kills Cole and Hope. Alderson responded to the decision on Twitter urging fans not to blame head-writer Ron Carlivati revealing that both Buddy and Hughes were unavailable to continue in the role of Cole. Alderson promised her fans that the storyline would definitely lead to greater possibilities for Starr.

At the time, Michael is also grieving the loss of his girlfriend, and according to Alderson he is the "only person that could really understand what Starr is going through. When Starr is diagnosed with aplastic anemia Alex Olanov willingly donates her bone marrow to save her life. When Todd returns from being on the run, he and Starr team up and successfully ruin Blair's marriage to Max Holden.

Starr becomes a big sister in when her parents adopt a little boy named, Jack who is later revealed to be her biological brother. Later, Todd is sentenced to prison when Blair falsely accuses him of rape; Starr and friend, Matthew find the prison van during transport and try to set Todd free only for Matthew to be kidnapped by Troy McIver.

Though Matthew is rescued, Starr is sentenced to community service at the hospital. Starr is later kidnapped and held for ransom by Laser. She is rescued and returns home; Travis soon follows and Todd reluctantly allows Starr to see him. The teens later use the family newspaper, The Banner to print malicious information about Starr's cousin, and Todd's rival, Kevin Buchanan. Starr and Travis would share their first kiss before he must go back to New York with his family.

When Todd disappears, Blair begins dating Dr.

Brandon Buddy

Spencer Truman despite Starr's disapproval. Todd is later sentenced to death for the murder of Margaret Cochran and her unborn child. He flatlines after lethal injection only to be revived it is proved that Margaret faked her death. Tam, eddie alderson info kristen videos. Your own celebs id like to tweets that. Harper rose barash, daughter of kristen action movies.

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are kristen alderson and brandon buddy dating