Are dan and runo dating in mechtanium surge

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are dan and runo dating in mechtanium surge

Takes place after the last episode of Mechtanium Surge. D/R and implied S/A. Rated for slight language. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - Dan K., Runo M . - Words: It was just the two of them, on their very first date. In Mechtanium Surge, he wears his trademark red jacket with a black high . Also, during this date, both Dan and Runo seem to both have. A FANDOM user • 19 hours ago. Will there be any more seasons with dan and drago in the future Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge Bakugan Wiki · Father Urhney.

After that experience, Dan started using a little more strategy in his battles. Through one of his strategies he was able to defeat Chan Lee, the third ranked Bakugan player. Bakugan Battle Brawlers In episode 1, When Dan first appears he is seen riding his bike to the park, where he is supposed to battle Shuji.

He managed to defeat him with ease. Later he is then challenged to a rematch, which he accepts. Dan's Drago tries to make him stop fighting with him. After the vision was over, Drago and Fear Ripper appeared in the field and Drago was able to defeat him, giving Dan the victory. Dan was surprised hearing Drago talking to Fear Ripper and he decides that he was imagining that he was talking. In episode 2, Dan then tried to get Drago to talk but to no avail. After hearing from Runo Misaki that there is a man named Masquerade who was sending people's Bakugan to the Doom Dimension Dan decides to battle him.

When he went to the meeting point, he found Shuji and Akira waiting for him for a another rematch. Dan unwillingly accepted and defeated Shuji's Ventus Bakugan with ease. After the battle, he ran into Masquerade and battled him. After losing two of his Bakugan to Reaper, he sends out Drago and he was losing battle until Dan tried to activate an ability card, which Drago was able to exceed and cause the battle to end in a draw.

However, as Masquerade left, he revealed that he was holding back, making Dan realize that Masquerade was much stronger than he had anticipated, and that he could of lost Drago. In episode 3, Dan started training for when he would encounter Masquerade again. Around this time Drago started accepting him as his partner, hoping that with Dan's help he can stop Naga.

However during the battle against Rikimaru Drago was constantly trying to warn Dan to be careful and to come up with a strategy but Dan did not listen. So he just threw in a random Bakugan until Rikimaru threw in Siege, and using his ability that requires two more Aquos Bakugan was able to send all of Dan's Bakugn, as well as his own, to the Doom Dimension. Although was able to win in the end by anticipating Rikimaru's moves, he was angry at Dan because of his reckless actions that cause four Bakugan to be sent to the Doom Dimension.

Because of this Dan threw Drago into the river, saying they were done. During Lars Lion's test for Runo, a younger, illusionary Dan was used to make Runo realize that she can't be so stubborn and rash. He was the first person that Runo met when she moved into his town. They played baseball, but when Dan left Runo never caught his name.

are dan and runo dating in mechtanium surge

During his test with Apollonir, he brawls against a clown on the moon. Although Drago doesn't evolve like the others, he is told that he needs to defeat all of his friends in order for Drago to evolve. He defeats Julie and Hammer Gorem, although he hesitates because he doesn't want her to fall off Gorem. While he planned on defeating Shun next, Blade Tigrerra requested that her and Runo brawl first, which he accepted and won. Finally, he battled Shun. Drago evolved after Dan won.

After Drago finally evolved, Masquerade sent a battle request to Joe for the Infinity Core, only to have Dan come to battle in his place. Alpha Hydranoid and Drago, now an Ultimate Dragonoid, finally brawl.

He wins and finds out that Masquerade is actually Alice. When the Brawlers went to Vestroia, Dan caught the eye of the Bakugan hybrids Tricloid and Rabeeder, which started to freak him out. He was given a clay heart by Tricloid, which actually turned out to be a key to allow Dan and Drago access into the world of Pyrus and Darkus. They were saved by Nova Lion, an elderly Pyrus Tigrerra.

He then decides to take them to the center of the universe. They were stopped by the hybrids again and beat them, however Nova Lion died.

Dan then wishes Nova Lion was back during another battle with the hybrids, but somehow, Alice overheard him, but didn't know who he was talking about Alice then decided to become Masquerade one more time to save them, which she does, and thanks to Masquerade's plan, the hybrid Bakugan are defeated. Although constantly arguing with each other, Dan and Runo are in love but don't confess until the end of the series, where they are seen going on a movie date together. Also, during this date, both Dan and Runo seem to both have changed clothes.

New Vestroia, Dan, now 15 years old, is reunited with Drago, after he was separated from the Perfect Core with the help of the Legendary Soldiers of Vestroia. Drago took him and unknown to their knowledge, Marucho, to New Vestroiawhere they were found by Mira and battled Volt and Lync and won. He later met up with Ace and Baron. While Mira and Baron were accepting of him, Ace wanted him to prove himself in a brawl, which ended in a draw. He agreed to help the Resistance free the Bakugan by destroying all the Dimension Controllers that are keeping the Bakugan in their ball forms.

In episode 5, he received a Trap Bakugan, Scorpionfrom Mira. He later ends of battling Gus Grav from the Vexos and loses.

Since then he has been worrying for the rest of the Bakugan Resistance, who were being captured by the Vexos. He is challenged by Spectra while on Earth and agrees to battle with him. However, Spectra acquires Drago when he uses a forbidden card to boost his own strength. Dan trains in hopes of winning back Drago, and talks to the Legendary Warrior of Vestroia, Apollonirand they successfully defeat Spectra, restore Drago back to normal, and win Drago back.

He destroys the last Dimension Controller alongside Ace in Gamma Citybut when they try to get to Hydron's Palace, he activates another Dimension Controller, sending him, Baronand Ace back down to the ground, where he is then challenged by Spectra. By now, Dan is still cocky, but has matured a bit. He is still hyperactive, underestimates some people, and eats too much, but over all, he has grown up.

Dan also still loves battling more than anything. At the moment, Dan is the first and only person to defeat all of the Vexos at least once. Dan defeats Spectra in a brawl, in which Dan agreed to give up the Perfect Core if he lost, while Spectra would take the Resistance to the Mother Palace if he lost.

Dan wins, and Spectra agrees to his terms. So, Cross Dragonoid flies into the sky with the BT system and destroys it, absorbing all of the attribute energies and becoming Helix Dragonoid. When Marucho and Preyas sneak out to find Elfin, he is with Shun, Ace and Baron sleeping through a romantic movie that Runo, mira and julie are watching.

With the Vexos seemingly out of the way, Spectra challenges Dan to one last battle to see who is number one. It is a close battle, but Drago won by bending Helios's battle gear and defeating him. Helios MK2 then admitted his defeat to Drago; he was the ultimate Bakugan, and Spectra decide to give up his mask and work with the resistance as Mira's brother, Keith.

When the Alternative is complete, Dan and the other brawlers battle and destroy it. Dan used Helix Dragonoid in this battle only.

are dan and runo dating in mechtanium surge

Three weeks later, Bakugan Interspace is completely repaired. Gundalian Invaders Dan is still the main character of the third season of Bakugan, Gundalian Invaders.

He has just moved to a new town and made friends with Jake Vallorytheir new Subterra brawler. Dan brings Jake to Bakugan Interspace and brawls against Ren Krawler, but the battle gets cut off when the power levels become too high for Bakugan Interspace.

Marucho lost, but Dan and Drago beat both of them. In their first encounter, Fabia Sheen accidentally throws Dan. To see if he was the one who picked up her Phantom Data, she brawls Dan, and loses.

Angered by his ignorance, Fabia throws Dan and leaves. Unknown to him, Ren lost on purpose, forcing Dan into a two-on-one brawl. Dan notices Fabia about to cry for her loss. Feeling sympathy for her, Dan challenges Jesse to a fight, but Ren tries to dissuade him. Shun and Fabia then expose Ren as a Gundalian agent, revealing that the Gundalians are the invaders, not the Neathians. Meanwhile, the rest of the team is having trouble during the battle against the Chaos Bakugan and Marucho wishes that Dan was here.

Rafe then arrives and uses a BakuLaunch to throw Wolfurio which he is able to defeat most of them.

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Taylean then defeats the rest with Slash Rise Thunder. Rafe then says it is more than that and he truly cares for the Brawlers. Shun then asks if he heard right and Marucho starts to cry. Rafe also mentions about the Gate and Key which Marucho remembers hearing Mag Mel mentioning it and he knew that he would be after it. Dan eventually finds Mag Mel and the masked villain explains the origin of their links.

He needs the Gate and Key from Titanium Dragonoid and Dan to become whole again alongside Razenoid and possibly become more powerful than Code Eve so he can rule all Bakugan in the world. He then summons six Mechtogan: Sellon and Anubias appear when the six Mechtogan are summoned and at the nick of time, the rest of the Brawlers arrive. All the Brawlers forgive the differences with Dan who begins to battle against Mag Mel. Contents [ show ] Appearance Runo's outfit in Bakugan Battle Brawlers is a yellow midriff shirt and a white skirt with a pink belt.

She has maroon fingerless wrist gloves. She also has orange and white striped knee socks and brown shoes. Her hair is tied in two long pigtails. In New Vestroia, Runo's outfit is a yellow shirt and white dress with pink designs. In Mechtanium Surge, Runo wears a white shirt, a blue waistcoat, a red tie and khaki shorts. Personality Runo is very focused, not your typical pre-teen girl. She loves playing Bakugan with her friends.

Runo is always arguing with her friend Dan.

Is Dan and Runo still dating in Mechtanium Surge?

She has a close bond with her Guardian Bakugan, Haos Tigrerrawho is very obedient to her and powerful in battle. One of the things she hates the most is when people believe they're better at brawling than her, just because she is a girl.

She loses a lot of her Bakugan to the Doom Dimensionto a point where she almost quit the game, but she then decided not to.

Runo is arguably the most headstrong heroine throughout the four series of Bakugan, as she always wants to have her own way in everything, wants attention from people, and often attacks head-on before carefully judging the situation.

She is also very proud and is eager to go her own way. Despite having certain, undeniable flaws, Runo is shown to be a caring, kind and cute girl who always tries her very best in everything and never slow to help her friends.

As time passes between the seasons, she seems to have grown more mature. Biography Bakugan Battle Brawlers Runo in Bakugan Battle Brawlers Runo helps her parents run their family business, and when Alice Gehabich comes to visit, she helps Runo's family with their restaurant, which leads to Runo becoming jealous as boys came just to see her. But after she comes home from the Doom Dimension a group of boys are happy to see her.

Runo Misaki

Still, when Dan is acting inappropriately, Runo does not hesitate to get annoyed. She reached 6th in the rankings. It took Runo a while to realize that it was Dan since this was the first kid Runo met when she moved here but she never found out his name.

It is shown she is not good at batting in baseball, but is a very good thrower, making younger Dan's hand hurt when she threw it at him. She learned through this that she needed to listen to her friends more and not to be so stubborn, which made Tigrerra evolve into Blade Tigrerra and defeat Lars Lion and Younger Dan.

At the moment, Runo, ranked sixth, battled Dan to help Drago further evolve.