Are ben and courtney still dating dad

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are ben and courtney still dating dad

The breakup was confirmed by W magazine, who referred to Courtney as Ross's ' then-girlfriend' when referencing Status Update, an upcoming. scored a homerun on her hometown date with The Bachelor Ben Flajnik. Mom really likes Ben and Dad seems to but not ready to give his. Which is how I find myself here wondering about Ben Flajnik's was still airing in February , only to get back together and engaged again.

Or, maybe she really does feel bad for the way she treated the other women in The Bachelor house over the course of the season. First home-town date goes to Lindzi Cox, who is on a horse again.

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Last time after a year he broke her heart. Lindzi really opens up to Ben during a picnic. Mom really likes Ben and Dad seems to but not ready to give his outright blessing. Around a campfire later, dad says they would be honored to have Ben as a son in law. Lindzi has fallen hard and Ben says he might be falling in love with her. Next up is Kacie Bogulskie.

Ben says its very important her family excepts him — good luck with that Ben. Kacie tells her sister that Ben is her future husband and she really wants her parents to accept him. During a conversation with Ben, her dad tells him that if Kacie is not the one end it soon.

Both parents are really against living together before marriage, which is not exactly what Ben had in mind. While talking to her dad, Kacie says that if Ben asked he to marry him she would say yes.

Dad counteracts that by saying that he would not give his blessing at the point. Kacie is not a happy camper.

Courtney Eaton and Ross Lynch call it quits

Next up is Nicki Sterling. They start out by getting all dressed up like cowfolk and then Nicki starts to really open up. She talks about her divorce and how her parents are divorced. Her dad says that he feels like he let Nicki down by not asking more questions before giving her hand in marriage the first time. Mom likes Ben — she sees a great connection. Dad also likes Ben and say the couple has their full support.

The Bachelor: Courtney Robertson looking like a cinch after hometown dates

Before Ben leaves, Nicki pulls him aside to tell him that she has fallen in love with him. Ben will now travel to the families of Courtney, Kacie B. Months later, Courtney showed up on "The Women Tell All" special, making this was the first time that one of the final two appeared in the special episode.

While interviewed from Chris, Blakeley confronted Courtney and told her she was hurt when Courtney called her a "stripper". Courtney talks about not accepting Emily's apology, and later apologizes to the bachelorettes, especially Kacie B. February 20, Located in: Hometowns Dates Lindzi C.: Ben and Lindzi went horseback riding.

are ben and courtney still dating dad

Ben felt a connection with Lindzi's dad. The night ended with Lindzi expressing her love for Ben.

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Ben arrived at a field to meet Kacie B which was named after her grandfather, Buster Boguskie. She did baton twirling with a high school cheering squad. Upon arrival in her home, Ben meets her father, mother and sister. Later, her father asked Ben about his intention with his daughter but didn't seem to approve of the relationship because they don't believe in living together before marriage.

Her mother didn't like the idea of Kacie B moving to California. Nicki's hometown date started in Fort Worth, Texaswhere Ben met her for some shopping in Downtown Fort Worth to buy a pair of cowboy boots and cowboy hats. Ben meets Nicki's parents and her brother.

are ben and courtney still dating dad

Nicki isn't the only divorced lady, her parents also divorced when she was small. Her father told Ben he gave his support. Courtney's hometown date started in Scottsdale, Arizona where she grew up.

Ben took Courtney to her house and met her parents and her sister. Courtney talks to her sister about skinny dipping with Ben in Puerto Rico.