Word 2010 table of contents page numbers change when printing

word 2010 table of contents page numbers change when printing

This prevents your producing what appears to be one seamless list of save this map area unavailable ios Figures.
This problem does not apply to Word 2007 or Word 2010.
Solution: make sure you have not selected a picture when you choose Insert Reference Caption.Referring to headings (eg "see Chapter 3, above.To create Figures in the imagination movers canada tour 2014 Appendixes, you have to trick Word a bit and create a separate label that looks and feels like the "Figure" label you used in the body of the document.Note: If you don't see the style that you want, click the arrow to expand the Quick Style gallery.Step 7: To update the table of contents, simply click anywhere on the table.Note: If you cant see the tab stop character, click the.In Word 2007 and Word 2010 it's had a name change and is labelled as the Table of Contents dialog.Make sure you can see the paragraph markers, by clicking the key on the toolbar or ribbon.You can see what your choice looks like in the Print Preview and Web Preview areas.Word's built-in heading styles (Heading 1, Heading 2 and so on) are terrific for numbering headings in your document.

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Choose your heading and click.
Under, alignment, click, right.
Select a built-in table from the menu that appears, and the table of contents will appear in your document.
Table of Figures You can't create one Table of Figures for your document.All Figures, Tables etc in the Appendixes are going to be labelled in the "Figure A-1 "Figure A-2 "Figure B-1" style.You can only create a cross-reference to a SEQ field if that SEQ field was created using Insert Reference Caption New Label.To do that: Display the Caption dialog, as you did above.In Word 2007 and Word 2010: Click the References tab.Under Style Name, click the style that you want.Delete a table of contents On the References tab, in the Table of Contents group, click Table of Contents.Acknowledgments Thanks to Martin Mathias of the internet for pointing out that you can't refer to a heading in an Appendix using "Heading (Full Context.Use the Figure_Apx label to create a caption.Contents of this page, headings, figures, tables, charts etc, page numbers and Tables of Contents.