Visual studio screen recorder

visual studio screen recorder

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Caution, the screen and voice recordings do not support multiple monitor configurations.
Values between 2 and 20 can be specified.
Alternatively, you can use the Stop keyboard shortcut that you set in the Edit options dialog box.In the test settings, select the.Under, screen Recording Quality, configure the following drop-down list options: Frame rate: Specify how many frames per second you want to use in the screen and voice recording.Switch, the topic you requested is included in another documentation set.

If you are not satisfied with your capture, you can delete it by selecting it in the Capture Manager and clicking Delete.
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Open the test settings that you want to configure for recording the screen and voice.
When you are finished, click Stop.To open your latest capture, click the play button on the first capture in the list.For more information about how to capture a screen and voice recording remotely, see.For convenience, it's displayed below.If you want to adjust the region to a predefined size, in the, select Region dialog box, choose a size on the menu.Screen Recorder, record Visual Studio Code Screen, install.Click Full Screen to view your capture at a size that fills your monitor's screen.This opens the capture in the Preview window.Although with.Avi you can add the sound track to it I suppose.