Visual basic for applications references greyed out

visual basic for applications references greyed out

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Then reference that file.
By : Oorang, are the references greyed-out in a born in shame by nora roberts pdf new workbook on the other PCs?
Dec 11, 2009 vba in excel 2010 vba programming 101 macros and the visual basic editor with excel vba you can automate tasks in excel by writing.The problem is when I click Tools on the menu bar, "references" is greyed out.However this can be little more challenging with embedded controls.Is not greyed out then your installation of Excel is fine.There are two ways around this.As it turns out.Any idea why a common object like the calendar and a common function like trim do not work on some machines.So if you have a reference to Office.0 and deploy it on a machine that only has Office.0 then you code will break.

Set via the Visual Basic Editor either by pressing Alt-F11.
Xla in the OfficeLibrarySolver subfolder.
Please be aware the option to change access may be greyed out view Online, down, everything you ever wanted to know about VB6 Colors Everything you wanted to know about Visual Basic 6 Colors.
Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel and Access.
If you want to stay with early binding then you will need to obtain a copy of the oldest version of the library in use.Went back and made sure I had all the Office modules installed and still can't get to references.On my machine I can get to the references section but on all other machines in the office the references function is grayed out.I have a working excel workbook that has VBA code and macros to help in data input.Allen Browne's ultimate yahtzee pc game calendar pop-up.If it is greyed out then Visual Basic has not been.Whilst this has view Online, down.Trim is part of Visual Basic for Applications and you will probably find that the function is fixed once you get rid of the missing Calendar control reference.References on the, tools menu, and then select the, solver.