Visual basic 2008 tutorials - login system using a database

visual basic 2008 tutorials - login system using a database

The labels will be used to mark which textbox is which.
Object, e As System.
It contains just 4 datas, in the username the first entry is John, the second is Mary, in the password column the passwords are john and mary.
In the table I have 3 colums, first is ID, second is Username, the third is Password.
Last Post 46 Minutes Ago, i am creating an application that uses NHibernate, an object relational mapper that is a port of the Java Object relational mapper hibernate.Else 'the executed data is succesfull MsgBox You are now registered.Dim provider As String Dim dataFile As String Dim connString As String Dim myConnection As OleDbConnection New OleDbConnection.Text 'call your sub name and put the sql in the parameters list.

Public da As New MySqlDataAdapter Create a Sub Procedure for Registration.
After this I am creating a connection to the database, as following: Solution borgen season 3 episode 2 Explorer - click on Data Sources - Add new Data Source.
This hides your password, so driver pro serial key that nobody can see.
Change label 1's text to "Username and label 2's text to "Password then the button's text to "Login".Hi, I am new with.Login User and, user Registration Form using, visual Basic 2008 and, mySQL Database.EventArgs handles ick,.Close end, sub.Open 'set your command With cmd 'holds the data to be executed.Connection con.CommandText sql 'execute the data result cmd.The button will be used to submit the information.