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The city also hosts the Colours of Ostrava, one of the country's largest music festivals.
Many Czechs speak a second and often a third language.
A major event during the occupation was the complete destruction of the village of Lidice, located 22 km (14 mi) northwest of Prague, in reprisal for the assassination of Reich Protector Reinhard Heydrich by British-trained Czechoslovak paratroopers.
Other destinations edit Bohemian Paradise ( esk Ráj ) a region of towering rock formations and isolated castles located north-east of Prague.For all other nationals, passports/travel documents must be valid for a period of at least 90 days beyond the expected length of stay in the Czech Republic or the Schengen Area.From the 11th to the 14th century, massive ethnic German colonization, known in German as the Ostsiedlung, occurred in the then-underpopulated borders of the kingdom.Generally, exchange offices at the airport, rail stations and main tourist areas do not offer good rates.Snacks edit Also try a traditional snack, often the only food served in some pubs ( hospoda, pivnice or can be found in bread shops ( pekárna ).Some still ebook waking up married accept coins, but most of them require a special prepaid telephone card.As we warn though, be sure to always compare prices as Sainsbury's won't be cheapest on everything even with the discount, like the examples we found below.If you do not know mushrooms very well, you should be accompanied by an experienced mushroom-picker.LEO Express Czech-based carrier, with bus travel to Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Ukraine.EU nationals whose stay in the Czech Republic will exceed 30 days are required to register within 30 days of their arrival in the Czech Republic with the Foreign Police ; other foreigners must register within 3 working days.

Many drivers use the Waze mobile app to warn fellow motorists about speed traps, hazards on road etc., so if you purchased a local SIM card with a good data plan (or if you have good roaming data plan on your own try it out.
Dvr Králové nad Labem a small town 20 km west of Trutnov in East Bohemia with a large outdoor zoo and safari park.
Christmas ( Vánoce 24-25 December: Czechs begin celebrating this holiday on Christmas Eve and continue to celebrate until the 26th (the Feast of Stephen).
The reason is that by the current law, punishable is only possession of a larger than small amount of marijuana (defined as 15 g) but if you are rude, they may detain and interrogate you, asking for your source.
Idos also hosts a domestic fare calculator for prices between cities.Often calculated as one of the coldest areas of the country, umava is home to gentle mountains, raised peat bogs, glacial lakes, and the remnants of primeval forests.Following Stalin's death and the subsequent de-Stalinization of the country, more moderate forces gradually took control of the Communist Party, which included party leader Alexander Dubek, who wished to liberalize Czechoslovakia and create socialism with a human face.Zaviná (rollmop; also used as name of the at-sign in Czech) - a slice of pickled fish, most often herring or mackerel, rolled-up and filled with various pickled vegetables (sauerkraut, onion, sometimes carrot or pepper).Traffic fines for small offences can be paid on the spot.If you are knowledgeable about the Czechoslovak communist regime following World War II, bear film hacker track down in mind that this is still a sensitive issue for many.Don't expect a wide selection of zelenina, vegetables, unless in the countryside; peppers, tomatoes, and cabbage are the most commonly-seen side dishes, often served as a small garnish.John Monastery an exquisite medieval castle dating to Charles IV, as well as an off the beaten track monastery.