Supreme ruler cold war update 7.2.1

supreme ruler cold war update 7.2.1

Highlights: - olympus e500 user manual New Scenario : Shadow of the Bear - More than 80 new Cold War events - 65 actual leader pictures - Many new units, unit meshes, technology updates - Significant game speed and AI improvements - New game features, interface improvements, and general.
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Colonial parent allies - Fixed some broken cs 1.6 bunny hop hack scenarios due to update 2 changes - Treasury haps further clean up, integrate "inflation" mod - Hex view haps clean up, added "in construction" icon w/ tooltip.
Use the opportunity of the Super Powers weakening each other to move against one of them and claim Chinas place as a new Supreme Ruler.We also make no illusions about gaming: it's supposed to be fun.After completing the survey click the download button to get your file, thank YOU FOR completing THE survey.Whether you're looking for news, reviews, walkthroughs, or the biggest collection of PC gaming files on the planet, Game Front has you covered.Evet arkadalar.1.1'den sonra.2.1 çkt.Aircraft inherit proxy from their last airbase - Artillery will fire into proxy territory in most cases - Fixed proxy bug affecting Mutual Defense without Alliance - Multiplayer Sync improved - Sync errors on building facilities fixed - On Map Notices code now more.Start the game as China just real madrid the game before a nuclear exchange between the US and ussr.Space Race progression fixed - Numerous Map fixes - Colonies clear treaties at independence - Spotting type fixes - Breaking treaties function fixed - Sphere related values capped to not go out of range - Various fixes on translated files - Building button from.

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Te yaplan düzeltmeler; Update 2 (Version.2.1) is Available.
Colonies will support Parent regions in localized conflicts - Parent regions will attack in defense of their colonies - Proxy Wars Improved - Overall Game Speed improvements - Pathing and Destack code improved - AI regions will pick sides when allies go to war.Click the link below to sart downloading your file now.Less Information, more Information ».fixed land proxy in cases of colonial parent allies from enemy of colony - fixed units in proxy.Browse gaming galleries, humor lists, and honest, short-form reporting.No penalties for break.Detailed Change Log: - Links to helpful resources added to main menu - Audio cue added for completion of research - Map updated (Goa, Palestine, Guam, etc.) - More than 60 new "leader" images added.