Personal pronouns french quiz

personal pronouns french quiz

Terminer : to finish tous/toutes : all les questions : the questions Copyright 1998 Samuel Schiminovich and lotto pro 2009 serial key Anne Boyman.
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Proper replacement of the direct object.
Parler : to talk son amie : his friend (female) Vocabulary for.
Main Menu, grammatical deus ex mac serial key Notes,.Oublier : to forget remercier : to thank mon amie : my friend Vocabulary for.6)- The placement of pronouns when football games 2010 pc both are in the 3rd person.Aimer : to like (to) attendre : to wait (for) le bus : the bus Paul : Vocabulary for.#7 - Back to Exercise?Regarder : to look at (watch) la télévision : television Vocabulary for.D, je suie content.There is a preposition between the verb and the indirect object.9 5)- The placement of the pronouns.

Question 1: "être" - Select the correct sentence.
2 Not a valid choice.
Proper placement of the pronoun.4 Not a valid choice.5 4)- The placement of the pronoun.When a sentence includes both a direct and an indirect object pronoun, the order is indirect followed by direct.The text and the html formatting of these exercises is covered by this copyright.10 3)- The replacement of the indirect object.9 Back.Unauthorized commercial use of these exercises is forbidden, as well as reloading on servers or republishing under unauthorized URL addresses.C, je suit content.C, il ont le téléphone.