Persona 4 strategy guide

persona 4 strategy guide

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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (4, Perusona 4 ) is a role-playing game developed and published by, atlus for, sony 's, playStation 2, and chronologically the sixth installment in the.
When it comes to aerial fans, most Yukiko players like to throw them after an air backdash to minimize risk.Or (Delayable) Agi Properties Yukiko summons her Persona to strike with its wing, and it leaves a small flame circle behind that detonates next to the opponent.Capcom: Infinite, dragon Ball FighterZ, injustice.Loses ranged normals battle.Also is a multi-hit move, making msvcr100.dll missing windows 7 it great for easy confirms.Fire Boost High An EX move that charges up two levels of the Flame Counter.Contents show, persona 4 OST Cover, persona 4 Soundtrack Selection.Has a lot of whiff recovery, so make sure you're in range at the very least.She has a great ability to convert from defense to offense easily while having great mixup potential and unblockables.Using Fire Break, you can set up some really nasty unblockables with this move on the opponent's wakeup.It's often difficult to space her Persona properly so it doesn't get hit when sent out for ranged attacks.The A version of the move leaves the opponent near you while the B version knocks them away.

Or or or Fan Toss Properties Yukiko's fan throw is her primary zoning tool.
Using Fire Break you can set up great unblockable okizeme with EX Agi, Maragi, EX Maragi and Maragidyne.
Or or or Standing, Crouching or Jumping D Properties Yukiko's grounded D calls her Persona out for a ranged attack.
Notable Normal Moves and Unique Attacks.Jomic.9.29 - CBR Reader Software for Mac.By altering the joystick angles as shown above you can change the angle of fan tosses on the air or ground.The unique feature of this move is that you can hold down the button to delay the detonation and to leave a trap on the screen.Submit News, subscribe to EventHubs, tiers, live Streams.You can keep mashing this button to get her Auto-Combo.This move is unsafe on block, but Yukiko recovers before the Persona begins attacking meaning you can dash up and counter punish attempts if you space it properly.Fire Break This move allows Yukiko to store an unblockable property unto her next flame-based attack.