Orks codex 6th edition pdf

orks codex 6th edition pdf

Flakka-Dakka Gun (Forge World This is the primary orkish ground based anti-aircraft unit, instead of having two twin-linked Heavy 2 guns like the Hydra, the Flakka-Dakka gun just has a single Heavy 4 weapon.
Use them at all times.
Blitza-Bomma: (Bomber) Is suddenly absolutely amazing.Why chase fliers all over the table?Great at setting up Killbolt or Power Vomit, if you roll one of them.More on that later.

Lootas work quite well on pretty much anything nowadays, since three Glances will bring down most vehicles soundly, and with their volume of shot they are bound to throw out enough to cripple even heavy tanks, Armor 14 is the only thing they can't touch.
They allow the unit a chance at popping light vehicles and a handful of MEQs at range, even if the single shot isnt great with BS2.
Yeah, you better pray that you pass morale, because the price for failing got much higher.This adds up to 290 models that can dish out nearly two thousand attacks on a charge, not much is going to survive that, but of course, no normal 40k game has a points limit that high, and in apocalypse games, there ARE NO slots.The lack of AP2 doesn't hurt html kit 292 setup them too much as they'll take out most vehicles down to 0 Hullpoints.He is dirt cheap, first off.Available on Warbosses and Ghazghkull only, but can be given to others with the Prophet of the Waaagh!Just one of these can spit out enough supa-rokkits to wipe an Leman Russ company off the gameboard or drop enough grot-bombs to turn six full sized Gaunt Broods with an accompanying Hive Tyrant with Tyrant Guard and Warrior Prime (about to tear into your.