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It focused more on illegal street racing in (for most games of this era) an open world environment with a heavy focus on tuners, and yes, featured heavy visual customization and action movie-styled storylines.
Preceding unsigned comment added by Rectalpinist ( talk contribs ) 10:56, (UTC) I have reverted your edits on both the main page and the template because no one here has ever agreed with you or your argument that Need for Speed is still under its.
This generation lasted for only three years with EA releasing two new NFS games a year during this time instead of the usual one in November.The 2010-debuted PC-only downloadable mmorg World was developed by EA Black Box and EA Singapore and was very reminiscent of the second NFS era's games.RingADing 18:09, 25 September 2006 (UTC) The intention of this addition to the NFS column was based on providing information that would interest people like myself.Would appreciate it if someone mentions at least a few line about the games.Even if we suppose you're correct, does your source say anything about that Pro Street is an international title?Someone has designed it by himself and he designed the picture in some editing software and mostly Microsoft office uses to do that all so, the cover photo of need for speed 4 high stakes game free download for windows 7 was designed in Microsoft.So basically: Throw Nitro, World,Shift 2 under spin-offs, and delete 4th generation altogether.That game, like Shift 2, didn't explicitly have Need for Speed in its title.) To make my point clear, there are four generations of Need for Speed, we are no longer in the third era, and features and gameplay styles aren't only reasons new generations.Stemonitis 05:37, (UTC) No, because there are other meanings of "Need for Speed".Not in the majority of the world.

Teancum ( talk ) 23:25, (UTC) spoiler alert?
There are plenty of references from the the site, the Ovi store, the Nokia N8 home page and the Apple apps store.
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Also, this page is horribly written; it's also not including NFS: MCO.
Examples: My favorite arcade games.Edit On November 30, 2010, it was announced that Electronic Arts and Mega Brands, Inc.MrStalker 11:04, 17 February 2007 (UTC) Customization of cars edit This could be done allready in porsche!I can't find a citation for this, so I would like to discuss it before I change the statement.Regarding the replays, the replays of NFS4 and NFS5 were controller input based.The fact that you don't know the language doesn't mean it can't be verified.Especially consider the fact that AG is professional reliable game news agency, most reliable of all Russian sources that could be given and is one of largest pc game websites.