Marketing week salary survey 2012

marketing week salary survey 2012

Skills development, however Breffni Walsh, interim marketing director of Musgrave Retail Partners GB and former Pets at Home marketing boss, warns that these rare hybrids, who command premium salaries, may not be all they seem.
While the average salary is 46,161 in London (down slightly from 47,963 last year it falls to 32,987 in Scotland (36,000) and 34,064 (34,674) in the north-east.
Most companies now have a rating system that rewards people they want to retain the most.
While its no surprise that the publishing sector is overwhelmingly white, the lack of diversity is a bit eye-opening: of the 630 respondents who identified their race, 89 described themselves as white/Caucasian, with 3 selecting Asian and another 3 indicating Hispanic.
Indeed, men are often more confident about asking for pay rises and they remain more optimistic about what increase they will receive this year.Consumers are constantly evolving so our acer 5920 service manual departments must too, but perhaps the speed of change is accelerating.Women filled at least 70 of the jobs in sales and marketing, operations, and editorial, but only 51 of the management positions.Dont just read about salaries you can compare yours against other marketers using our tool at /salarysurvey2013.We have launched two flexible desk locations in London that have PepsiCo facilities with our artwork on the wall and our products in the fridge.The average compensation for men in 2013 was 85,000, the same as in 2012, while average compensation for women rose to 60,750 last year, up from 56,000 the year before.But men also tended to earn more than female colleagues with similar titles last year, due, in part, to the fact that men tend to have more experience.Such development and job satisfaction are linked, says Copeland.I have a policy where I say Ill get back to you within 24 hours, so night-time is often spent trying to catch.

The effect of a restructure Claire Parlour Ex-channel development insight director at Brakes; now freelance marketing innovation consultant My current position is a result of a marketing department restructure and after more than 25 years of industry experience for brand owners such as Northern Foods.
During 2012, there were major reorganisations.
You must be proactive and able to manage yourself effectively, although too much restructuring can affect the morale of the team.
While some publishers may be cutting back in certain areas, many companies have been creating new jobs to deal with the growth of digital publishing.Peluso spends 8pm to 11pm on calls around the world, mainly to Asia because of the time difference between there and her US location.Money is not always the main driver when people look to change jobs.Only 11 said they think diversity is not an issue.Pay pressure, average salaries for some job titles have slumped since the economic clouds began to gather in 2008.Meanwhile, the pay gap between men and womenthe other well-known imbalance in the industrycontinued in 2013, even though eset smart security 7 username and password 2014 women accounted for 74 of the publishing workforce and men only.Employees were feeling a little less secure at work in 2013 compared to 2012.Among the top 10 per cent of earners, marketing directors in fmcg earn an average 109,773 and 98,333 in healthcare.In 2013, the median number of years of experience for men in the industry was 17, compared to 11 for women (the median for men in management was 19 years, compared.5 for women).Loretta Quinn, consumer insights manager at global healthcare company GSK, says it has become the norm to pay women less than men in some roles and this can be difficult to change.