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1, it was also the first Lego game to be first released on the Wii.
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After following Rex's men to their hideout, Chase navigates through the base and hears Natalia's father, Henrik Kowalski being interrogated by Rex and discovers that Forrest Blackwell himself is behind the crime wave, and that he had kidnapped Natalia in yamaha r15 owners manual order to coerce her father.Nintendo generally left the team to develop the game as they pleased, though they received regular updates on the project and would notify them if they saw anything as a problem.Retrieved "Wii U Nintendo" (in Japanese).4 Drawing on his former profession, Goring included a large amount of one-liners and humor intended for both children and adults.In 2011, Nintendo approached the company and showed them the Wii U hardware, asking whether they would like to develop a game for.Chase then learns Kung Fu with a man named Barry Smith and later goes to rescue Frank from a group of thugs and bring a police truck back to the police station.

Chase arrives at the police station and is given a happy welcome by dim-witted rookie Frank Honey, but is shocked that the new Chief of Police Marion Dunby is now in charge of the case.
Goring was given a lot of freedom when it came to the parodies, although the team were regularly consulted on the suitability of the material and a script editor was assigned to check his work.
For the voice casting, the team used voice casting and recording company Side.
Lego City Undercover is an action-adventure video game developed by, tT Fusion for the, wii."lego City Undercover Review".Blackwell smashes them off the platform with an escape pod, sending them into a free fall as he vows for revenge, only to get hit by a cow and fly away.Undercover features full voice acting, which at the time development started was a first for the series, although due to development time, others featuring voice acting were developed and released ahead.Retrieved b Seedhouse, Alex.Afterwards Chase is forced to rescue Natalia from mysterious men dressed in black and takes her to Ellie's place on a helicopter.His main role was to fill in the gaps and put in as much humor as possible.Lego City brand and is the first Lego game to be published.Angered, Vinnie calls Chase for a job behind Rex's back, which is stealing from Forrest Blackwell.