Katekyo hitman reborn episode 1 .avi

katekyo hitman reborn episode 1 .avi

Ichiku-en no Daishbu!" (!) January 6, 2007 It's New Years and Tsuna and his 'family' has to battle the Chiavorone Family in a traditional Vongola event.
After Byakuran lost, Tsuna and the members of his Family who went to the future return to the past.
Nandemo Rankingu!" (?) February 17, 2007 20 "Sudden Attack" "Totsuzen no Shgeki" February 24, 2007 21 "Wounded Friends" "Kizutsuku Tomo-tachi" March 3, winavi 8 serial key 2007 22 "Unforeseen Evil Influence" "Yokisenu Mashu" March 10, 2007 23 "The Final Deathperation Shot" "Saigo no Shinuki-dan" March 17, 2007 24 "Fighting.
"Official Japanese episodes list from Reborn!
Meanwhile, Reborn receives orders from the.They go to the island, where they meet the Simon Famiglia; as well as an uninvited guest, the Vindice.A b c d e "Reborn!Sawada Tsunayoshi, ordinary teenage boy attending Junior High, being unpopular, having no friends and being desperately in love with a girl from his class, his life takes an extraordinary turn when he meets Reborn, an infamous hitman, who has been sent by the Vongola boss.Marvelous Entertainment, 3 with another four scheduled to have consecutive monthly releases.By TV Tokyo (episodes 102-126 (in Japanese).Contents show, plot Summaries, edit, daily Life Arc, edit, daily Life Arc, a teenage boy named, tsuna, known for being a loser among his many classmates, comes home from school one day to meet a gun-toting infant named.

Jigoku no Dbutsuen" (!?) January 13, 2007 Tsuna goes to the zoo with Kyoko, and is glad to finally able to be alone with her.
They are also region free DVD box sets.
Retrieved October 29, 2008.Besides the secondary volume titles - Bullet, Battle, Daily Chapter, Burn, rn and Choice - there are also subtitles below the Reborn!The first opening theme, which is used for the first twenty-six episodes, is "Drawing days".Official anime episode list.Blu-ray Box 2 10Blu-rayCD Animation Blu-ray".