It's on like donkey kong botdf

it's on like donkey kong botdf

Slamming them like Barrells, go, Go ape shit, Go ape shit.
F*ck the poker, I'll be poking you right up, now you're choking.
It's wrong, wrong, wrong like Gaga's got a ding dong (Slow motion) Slammin' them like barrels.
Sewed her snatch, got a dick just so she could fuck.
I am not sick I'm just simply the illest of all.I'm slamming b*tches like Kong slams a barrel.I'ma die hard like Bruce fucking Willis.You'll be screaming "Jayy Von!" while I'm motherfucking felching.My cum's so chunky it's like an Oreo McFlurry.

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Chopping through the butcher shop, racking the meat.
You'll climax so high the altitude'll make your ears bleed.
I'ma die hard like Bruce f*king Willis.Poor people, unemployed, working class.Blonde Barbie Ken, fuck the Hollister shit.Motherpoker, I'll be poking you right up, Now you're choking.You see how we do, building Soviets that windows server 2008 r2 virtual hard disk means workers task manager disabled in windows 8.1 councils, powers well be holding it dont be afraid when we call for dictatorship not the bourgeoisie, its for the proletariat that means the people in control of the government that means the dissolution.I'm your fack, get up on your bare back.