Hpi baja 5sc manual

hpi baja 5sc manual

If the truck ever loses radio signal or battery power, an electronic failsafe will bring it to a safe and controlled stop.
Large 700cc fuel tank, for runtimes of up to 45 minutes, the Baja 5SC simpson tapped out cheat fuel tank holds arma 2 reinforcements cheats trainer up to 700cc of pre-mixed fuel - that's over half a liter!
Konstrukcja aluminiowej ramy TVP zaczerpnita z modelu savage.Olejowe amortyzatory napeniane olejem silikonowym, przednie i tylne stabilizatory poprzeczne, moliwo penej rozbudowy w oparciu o czci napdu I czci opcjonalne z modelu Savage Wymaga 2 pasujcych pakietów baterii do pojemnoci 3S (w sumie moe obsuy do 6S LiPo) Przednie i tylne zderzaki oraz chlapacze.These cool color designs have all the hallmarks of an instant classic, while underneath the body our designers have been busy with the details of a brand new engine!Centralny dyferencja, pyty ulizgowe pod spodem ramy, metalowy ukad napdowy zaczerpnity z modelu.You can bump and batter each other but keep the truck on its wheels, thanks to the fully enclosed wheels and tires.Super Heavy Duty Drive Axles, low battery warning - a flashing LED indicates when the transmitter batteries are running low.Threaded shock bodies are used for easy adjustment of ride height.Heavy duty shock absorbers, vVC/HD shocks deliver improved handling over rough terrain and feature large 6mm diameter shock shafts for increased durability.The Baja 5SC comes pre-painted in your choice of black or bright red, each with color coordinated assets/images.Traction comes from the high performance and extremely sticky HB Rodeoo tires mounted on the new TR-10 wheels.Hot Bodies Rodeo Tires, tire Foam, wheels 2-Cycle Oil.

Bdziesz take móg atwo znale czci do modernizacji oraz opcjonalne tak szybko jak tylko model trafi do twoich rk!
Built-in failsafe function - protects the truck from low voltage runaways.
We have also included the stock muffler if you feel like quieting things down a bit.
Pasuj take do SavageX!
HPI dooyo wszelkich stara aby pocztkujcy uytkownicy z atwoci przeszli do jazdy!Fuelie 26cc Engine, metal Transmission Gears, dual Vented Disc Brakes.Servo reversing switches - quickly reverse the servos for multiple applications.Super 5SC Flux wykorzystuje mocny silnik Flux Tork 2200KV oraz kontroler Blur zaczerpnity z Savage Flux HP dziki czemu zapewni imponujca prdko maksymaln i mnóstwo zabawy!Super 5SC RTR jest fabrycznie zoony i od razu gotowy do ruszenia w teren.The Baja 5SC is completely pre-built, painted and assembled right out of the box, so hitting the dirt is fast and easy!Bieg wsteczny, dual rate sterowania, centre trim sterowania i gazu, maa waga - tylko 4 baterie.Super 5SC Flux jest lejszy od Baja 5SC, dziki czemu jest idealnie wspópracuje z Flux Tork!