Gamehouse 150 in 1

gamehouse 150 in 1

Rebuild 2 Wooden Bridges to reach.
Clear these to move on to the next level.
Hidden Treasure Location: Beneath a brown boulder at the bottom of the leftmost island, across the way from the bridge.
The Lighthouse is located at the top of the steps and requires 150 Wood and Stone resources chloe neill house rules pdf to be rebuilt.
Objectives: Restore the Route You will need to build 2 Stone Bridges first and foremost.The second Flower is toward the lower left corner, next to the Cobbler.Fix an Aqueduct 2 Aqueducts are located behind the horse at the top of the screen.You will need to chop down the tree to reach.You will need to build 1 Stone Bridge to continue the path.Hidden Treasure Location: In the sand beneath the overturned kayak.Buildings which provide resources will not provide additional resources unless the resources provided have been collected by a Worker.2 Small Blockages (40 Food each) and 1 Blockage (60 Food) block the remainder of your path.Inside a treasure chest hidden behind the first fir tree to the right spring lp regular font of the camp.Roads of Rome New Generation Hidden Treasure Location Level 14 Level 15 Level Tip!Objectives: Restore the Route 2 Small Blockages, 2 Blockages, and 4 Huge Blockages stand in the way on this level.

The extra resources these provide can go a long way in helping you complete this level.
Rebuild the Lighthouse Use the Boat via the Boathouse in the lower right corner of the screen to reach the small island at the bottom of the screen.
Hiding in the remains of the ruins in the upper right corner of the screen, near the houses.Objectives: Restore the Route 5 Small Dunes and 1 Dune block the road.Fill it in order to reach him and gain access to his services!Another is located on the left side of the map past three Blockages.Super Jigsaw: Anne Geddes - Down in the Garden Super Jigsaw: Butterflies Super Jigsaw: Flowers Super Jigsaw: GameHouse Demo Super Jigsaw: GameHouse Demo 2004 Super Jigsaw: Great Art Super Jigsaw: Landscapes Super Jigsaw: Lighthouses Super Jigsaw: Medley Super Jigsaw: Medley 2 Super Jigsaw: Pets Super.Focus on helping the locals rebuild their Settlement and the accompanying Water Tower!You will need to build 3 Stone Bridges to continue the path.The first is to the immediate left after the Stone Bridges.Underneath a boulder hidden in the trees to the right of the staircase leading up to the Storehouse.Beneath a gray boulder to the left of the boulder blocking the second staircase on the Camp level.