Fire emblem 20th anniversary artbook

fire emblem 20th anniversary artbook

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Oh, and here's where I showcase just how derpy FE1's official art is: That's Abel.
Dear god Marth why do you stand like such a girl in Brawl whhhhhy.So, if you've been keeping track of my LJ (or my Plurk you'll know that I managed to procure a copy of the 20th anniversary artbook for Fire Emblem from Amazon Japan.I put this here just because I like Norne, okay?Just in case you were wondering.She looks a little pissed.Okay NOW WE GET TO THE fire emblem stuff.Maybe it's the fact that the names are different from the localisations.Well upon opening it, you will be greeted with the title page, and turning that page will bring you to messages from the creators (plus brief profiles) and this: It's a table of contents!(Also I don't think there's an official localisation for Marcellus anyway so who cares, it's my personal preference.).It fills in gaps!Which sounds like Michel mih-shil.Go find someone who does.

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Ninian gets two girls (Lalam and Sophia) to represent the two sides to her (her being a dancer and her being part dragon).
And of course we have Roy, looking ready to beat someone.
Idk where Cecilia comes in, but Lilina Hector, Thany Fiora, and Sue Lyn.
And my eyes travel upwards and I go, "Damn, that tunic is short.All of these were taken one-handed with a camera, so I apologize for odd cropping, dubious quality, glare from the sun, or anything else that might be an issue.Yeah they romanise it as 'Barensia'.Whose name, I think, is really supposed to be Michel.And of course it's entirely in Japanese.There's this cool section that compares all of the sprites from Marth's games, so you can see how they changed over the years and all the remakes and stuff.All of the Lords of the games get these, except for FE4.Oh and I included FE2 just so A) you will remember that it does, in fact, exist, and B) because I know mark_asphodel would probably ask where the hell FE2 was and C) FE2 needs some love.I think Ike is ready to stab things.