Find motherboard type windows 8

find motherboard type windows 8

Pop quiz: how do you figure out your motherboard manufacturer without opening your computer?
You will also find out which manufacture your motherboard was built from.
There are plenty of free apps out there to help you know about your PCs hardware.At the command line, type the following text (noting that there are no spaces between the modifiersjust commas and then hit Enter: wmic baseboard get the information returned checks out for the motherboard were using: the manufacturer is Gigabyte, the board is the Z170X-Gaming.Step 2: In the left-pane, click on System Summary to view detailed information such as operating system name, version, type, and other hardware information.To do so, simply type.You can also find the details about other computer hardware components under the components heading.Step 1: Visit this page and download CPU-Z program.In order to know about your PCs motherboard, you need to look for two entries labelled.Knowing your motherboards model number is important if youre thinking of upgrading your drivers, buying new hardware (youll need the proper expansion or memory slots, for example or just checking the capabilities of your board if youre considering upgrading your whole rig.If youve used wmic to get some interesting data about your system please share the goodies in the comments below!

You can either download the installable or portable version of the software.
As an example, lets check a motherboards manufacturer, model number, and serial program combine pdf files number using wmic.
System Spec that you can use to gather the same information.
If youve recently purchased your PC, you probably know the model number and manufacturer of the motherboard but if your PC was built or purchased a couple of years ago, you probably have no idea about the installed motherboard.
These tips to know the hardware details of the system are quite useful for customer support engineers to diagnose the issues or upgrade the hardware or software drivers.Nonetheless, the wmic tool functioned just as it should, and without opening the case or using any third party tools, we have the basic information were looking for.The command works the same in both shells.Its actually surprising that its not that straightforward to get that info.Its a tool that scans your computer and collects almost every single piece that runs on your computer and displays all of them to you in each category.Heres how to check your motherboard model number from the comfort of your keyboard.Search for system information or just type msinfo32 in run window (by pressing, winR ).There is also some third party free software which can help you find not only the motherboard information but also about the other vital parts of the system.If you have downloaded the setup file, run the same to install.