Duke nukem 3d game.con file

duke nukem 3d game.con file

aiboss3runenemy ifspritepal.
Define doublemaxplayerhealth maxplayeratomichealth define startarmorhealth 0 define retrievedistance 844 define squishabledistance 1024 / For actors only!
Voc definesound BOS1_recog bos1rg.
A value of 1 causes the animation to go forwards (Example: The animation starts at tile #20, goes to #21, then to #22, etc.).
Voc definesound door_operate2 opendoor.Voc definesound item_splash splash.5: Five images - The first image is looking from trial version of windows xp professional x64 edition the front, the second is 45 degrees from the front, the third is from the side, the fourth is 45 degrees from the rear (135 degrees from the front and the fifth value is looking.Voc definesound switch_ON switch.Defin" 57 shotgun defin" 58 laser tripbomb!Voc definesound bubble_ambience bubblamb.A useful set of replacement CON files for the original game.Voc definesound dron_attack1 snakatA.

Voc definesound bonusmusic bonus.
This primitive appears only to work after the "ifhitweapon" primitive is called.
Voc definesound octa_attack1 octaat1.voc definesound octa_attack2 octaat2.voc definesound octa_pain octapn.
Voc definesound lightning_slap tclap2a.voc definesound thunder trumble.
Lotsofglass amount Spawns glass shards, much like when a window has broken.You can do some very cool stuff with con files, so stick with it if you don't get it right away.Voc definesound slim_dying slidie03.voc / boss2 definesound BOS2_roam b2atk01.voc definesound BOS2_recog b2rec03.voc definesound BOS2_attack b2atk02.voc definesound BOS2_pain b2pain03.voc definesound BOS2_dying b2die03.voc / boss3 definesound BOS3_roam b3roam01.voc definesound BOS3_recog b3pain04.voc definesound BOS3_attack1 b3atk01.voc definesound BOS3_attack2 b3atk01.voc definesound BOS3_pain b3rec03g.voc definesound BOS3_dying b3die03g.voc / boss4 definesound BOS4_roam.This is what the final product will look like: actor batteryammo fall ifmove respawn_actor_flag state respawnit else ifp pshrunk else ifp palive ifpdistl retrievedistance ifcount 6 ifcanseetarget ifrnd 64 hitradius 1024 weakest weak mediumstrength tough spawn explosion2 debris scrap2 2 sound pipebomb_explode killit else addammo.Voc / Duke's Body Sounds definesound duke_breathing hlminhal.Voc definesound pipebomb_explode bombexpl.Legal values are: scrap1, scrap2, scrap3, scrap4, scrap5, and scrap6.How does one edit con files you ask?Voc definesound reactor_ON reactor.delay This determines how long each frame of the animation lasts.