Dual boot windows 7 server 2003

dual boot windows 7 server 2003

Will this work, or do I need to go about it a different way?
In a nutshell, I need a detailed guide from you since you seems to be able to made it successful.
Hope this helps regards, Steve.Once the trial upgrade is finished, I'll want to be able to dual-boot between Server 2003 and Windows 7 Ultimate for a bit, to work out any potential kinks in the upgrade process, before doing the upgrade on the production system.Which OS should I install first.Tested, and it works.But if you install Windows Server 2003 on a Windows 7 based computer, it will cause problems.Generally, after installing Windows 7 on a Windows Server 2003 based computer, the Windows Server 2003 will be recognized as a Earlier Version of Windows and the Windows Boot Manger will automatic make dual boot of Windows server 2003 OS and Windows 7 OS properly.

I've read through the guide, and none of it looks like it would have an issue with Server 2003, but, as it's a process involving your hard drive and the data contained within, I suggest you take a full image of the drive.
10/14/2011 Update: I have since found the answer to my question.
What are the steps should I follow to create any boot file, if any and under which.
Once the production system windows media player 12 kostenlosen is upgraded, I'll be "nuking" the Server 2003 trial system, and just have another hard drive available to my primary system.Therefore you can imagine how much important this is for me to get a solution for the same.The first time I booted up the system after reconnecting the Windows 7 drive, it still booted up into Server 2003.I normally run Windows 7 Ultimate on my primary desktop system here at the office (a dental office.) Our dental office practice management system is due for a major upgrade.I needed to install Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise.I will wait for your update.To install windows server 2003, I had to made my sata mode from ahci to ATA otherwise I was getting bsod.This morning, I shut the system down and swapped the data cables for the two drives.