Blackmagic production camera 4k footage

blackmagic production camera 4k footage

That date soon got pushed back to August, and now, almost in 2014, we're finally starting to see some information.
Lens: Sigma 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3, music by: Hanz Zimmer - You're So Cool.
In fact, Grant Petty, CEO of Blackmagic Design, posted on the dcs black shark cd key keygen official forum, with the first official footage from the camera.
They're planning to get some, dOPs to do some more professional testing of the camera in the very near future, but this is chrome for windows rt 8.1 our first real glimpse of what a 4,000, 4K camera can actually.Some of the shots game hp layar sentuh cross cs1 have different shutter angles and I used standard still camera lenses.M/filmsbydanielgrasskamp, camera Settings: 4K, ProRes 422, ISO 400,180 Shutter Angle.And this isn't even shooting Raw.

After the first couple of shots of the shoot, Kent and Tarn (Director) were loving the 4K and it basically became 'A Cam'.
but i'm still impressed with this camera.
This camera is not a low light camera, however I have included some clips at night so you can see that.Obviously any camera is going to look good in daylight, but we do get to see a little more night footage here.Earlier this year, Blackmagic announced the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, a 4,000 full 4K video camera, originally set to debut in July.Now the big question on everyone's mind is when this thing will actually ship.I spent a few weeks wandering around with the camera taking some different types of shots.Here's what Petty said in his post: I wanted to post some clips that I personally have shot from the camera as I know people are interested in them.All the shots are ProRes as I did not shoot RAW.Just like with the.5K bmcc, the company has started with a Canon EF mount, and while it does make perfect sense for this sensor size, it does mean there are fewer options for adapting lenses, and no way of increasing the amount of light.What was interesting to me is that this was a night shoot and i had the camera set at ASA400 (had already tested at night with 800 which is at the end of this video) and the red was at 1200 yet Kent and.