Bitdefender internet security 2012 setup

bitdefender internet security 2012 setup

If you clear the Enable folder view for FTP sites check box and then select the Use Passive FTP check box, Internet Explorer behaves as a Passive mode FTP client ".
Warn if forms submittal is being redirected Check This setting specifies whether Internet Explorer should issue a warning when information submitted on a form is sent to an address different from the one hosting the form.
Use inline Autocomplete Check This setting specifies whether to use inline Autocomplete.
Know that you will most likely never even encounter most of these so-called threats, reality is that a computer can do just fine without any antivirus installed in the system unless you are some sleazy pervert who likes to surf a lot of adult streaming.Prior to Service Pack internet explorer 9 for mac os x lion 2 the Local Machine zone allowed Web content to run with fewer restrictions since local content was considered to be secure.Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer check, this setting specifies whether you want to use the script debugger.Multimedia Enable Automatic Image Resizing Check This setting specifies whether the large images in Webpages should be resized to fit in the browser window.Warn if changing between secure and not secure mode Check This is a vital setting if you are a prolific online shopper or frequently in an activity that requires you to share your secure information online.The Advanced tab has a myriad of options for configuring the Internet Explorer settings.Please note that though this option is available, this feature is not available in Internet Explorer on Windows 2000, 2003 and Windows.These options are enabled by default.Accessibility, always expand ALT text for images.You need to enable this setting if you have problems connecting to FTP sites using Internet Explorer when your system is behind a firewall.All these high percentage malware and virus detection rate is a marketing gimmick to sell the software.

Http.1 settings Use http.1 Check This setting specifies whether to use http.1 protocol when connecting to Web sites.
Dll such as Outlook ".
Printing Print background colors and images Uncheck This setting specifies whether Internet Explorer should print the Web page background colors and images contained in the Web page you are printing.
And just for the record I have used both Norton and Kaspersky and this whole high resource utilization thing about Norton is an utter nonsense since I have hardly noticed any difference with the performance from start up to the running of multiple process smoothly.
Browsing, always send URL's as UTF-8 (requires restart).Enable Install on Demand (Internet Explorer) and Enable Install On Demand (Other).Do not save encrypted pages to disk Check This setting specifies whether or not secure infromation such as passwords, credit card information etc that you may exchange with secure servers are stored in the Temporary Internet Files folder.Enable visual styles on buttons and controls in Web pages Check This setting specifies whether you want the controls like radio buttons in Web pages to use Windows display settings.Check, this setting specifies that when a folder in the History bar, Favorites bar or Organize Favorites window is opened, any folders opened previously will close.This setting is off by default.