Best gaming cpu cooler 2014

best gaming cpu cooler 2014

Alright, so princess hours episode 15 we have a propensity for big, beefy coolers.
But just how quiet should you aim for?
Neptwin is the first CPU cooler designed to support multiple PWM fan speed control.
Sure, you could go with a custom-built open-loop setup or something even more exotic.
Current Retail Pricing, cooler Master Seidon 120V 120mm 120mm 27mm 1 silent hunter 3 patch 1.4 eu /.99, photofunia for windows 8 laptop cooler Master Nepton 140XL 140mm 140mm 38mm 2 /.99, cooler Master Nepton 280L 140mm 280mm 30mm 2 /.99, corsair H75 120mm 120mm 25mm 2 /.99.And were talking about under 100 CPU usage here; not when idling or doing light work on the desktop.Some online stores give us a small cut if you buy something through one of our links.Meanwhile, if youre working in a slightly noisier office youll seldom hear your PC unless its well over 40dB.

Thats about as quiet as a quiet library gets.
Youll want to ensure your PC is some way below that to be on the safe side.
So, over the next few pages we put a handful of the most popular CPU coolers to the test, to see which is worth stretching your budget for.
The radiators tend to be larger and spin slower, generating less noise.
Everything had to be personally designed and or procured by the user, as there were no specialized commercial products available at the time.Strong airflow is necessary for effective heatsink thermal dissipation.Thats the decision you face after choosing a CPUespecially those one that doesnt come with a stock cooler.Cooler Master IntroductionCooler MasterCorsairCorsair MethodologyTesting Results, Maximum Fan Speed (12V)Testing Results, Low Fan Speed (7V)Conclusion (Cooler Master, Corsair)Conclusion (Enermax, nzxt, Silverstone).This is usually a secondary concern, since most of us dont install CPU coolers that often, but if you fairly regularly tinker with your system then youll want a cooler thats easy to fit.Corsair H90 140mm 140mm 27mm 1 /.99, corsair H100i 120mm 240mm 27mm 2 /.99, corsair H105 120mm 240mm 38mm 2 /.99 Corsair H110 140mm 280mm 29mm 2 /.99 Enermax Liqmax 120S 120mm 120mm 32mm 1 / (Multi-range) 163.00 * Enermax Liqtech 120X 120mm 120mm 43mm.Those options get pricier and more difficult to maintain, though.You can buy completely passive air coolers such as the Zalman FX70 to make your PC completely silent.