Autocad 3d shortcut keys pdf

autocad 3d shortcut keys pdf

L line / winavi 8 serial key Creates straight line segments.
Vplay viewplay / Plays the animation associated to a named view.
S-tretch / Stretches objects crossed by a selection window or polygon.
SP spell / Checks spelling in a drawing.
TI tilemode / Controls whether paper space can be accessed.DCO dimcontinue / Creates a dimension that starts from an extension line of a previously created dimension.BE, bedit / Opens the block definition in the Block Editor.LEN lengthen / Changes the length of objects and the included angle of arcs.DOV dimoverride / Controls overrides of system variables used in selected dimensions.

QVD qvdrawing / Displays open drawings and layouts in a drawing using preview images.
DAN dimangular / Creates an angular dimension.
LW lweight / Sets the current lineweight, lineweight display options, and lineweight units.
C, circle / Creates a circle.
SCR script / Executes a sequence of commands from a script file.UNI union / Unions two solid or two region objects.M-OVE / Moves objects a specified distance in a specified direction.DL datalink / The Data Link dialog box is displayed.JOG dimjogged / Creates jogged dimensions for circles and arcs.XA xattach / Inserts a DWG file as an external reference (xref).CT, ctablestyle / Sets the name of the current table style.LT linetype / Loads, sets, and modifies linetypes.North geographiclocation / Specifies the geographic location information for a drawing file.